5 Tips to Ace your Casual Outfit


Let’s talk about the laid-back or casual look today. How to look fantastic without looking like you’re trying to look special? You’ll want to look presentable while being comfy. Well-dressed but unconcerned! It’s a unique art form, but with the right techniques in your sleeve, you can master it. No matter what the event, a casual style for guys is ideal. Whether you’re out on a date downtown or visiting a friend for a low-key get-together, the appropriate fit will guarantee you look and feel your best. Here are our five style ideas to help you get that laid-back appearance that you will certainly feel like flaunting every now and then, just as Manjeet Singh, one of the best fashion influencers on Myntra Studio does!

  • Keep It Neutral — When it comes to style, you can’t go wrong with neutrals. You will go insane if you start overthinking colour combinations. Sticking to neutrals is the greatest approach to avoid all of this drama: If you want a little warmth, try shades of grey, all black, or earth tones. You can’t go wrong with monochrome clothes, no matter how you dress them. An ensemble that sticks to a single colour pallet is basic yet stylish and easy. It’s a great way to start a casual outfit any day of the week, no matter what the occasion.
  • Make It Pop – Adding a dash of colour to an otherwise plain garment may turn it into a piece of art. It’s really entertaining when the rest of your outfit is monochrome and then, bang, comes the colour. Vibrancy, it is! Pair a vibrant mustard yellow hooded shirt with a black long sleeve hooded shirt. Dark jeans and a bright shirt are other options. Watches, jewellery, pocket squares, and socks may all be used to add a splash of colour to your outfit. If used correctly, these simple objects may have a big impact.
  • T-shirts for everyday wear – T-shirts are an essential element of every man’s basic wardrobe since they are inherently informal. The modest T-shirt is simple to wear, discreetly fashionable, and as flexible as they come — it goes with anything, including dressed-up tailoring. The rule for your tee is to keep it basic.
  • The rush of cool colours – Choose plain-coloured cotton T-shirts with a crew collar. White, blue, black, and grey are all fantastic places to start. If you like, you may add some strong patterns, styles, and motifs to your casual ensemble. However, always ensure that the garment is the proper fit for your body type. You want a T-shirt that hugs your body but doesn’t appear too tight. Cuts that aren’t flattering are the worst.
  • Shirts for casual occasions — When you want to seem a little sharper, long- or short-sleeved shirts are crucial. Unbutton and roll the cuffs for a more casual look. Begin by stocking your shirt closet with the basic colours, just like you would your T-shirt collection. A foundation is a white traditional shirt. Make sure the collar looks acceptable when worn open to the third button as well as fully buttoned.

Men’s casual dress code is likely your finest opportunity to display your real sense of personal style. As per the fashion influencer, Manjeet Singh, men’s casual wear is an open invitation to dress in whatever feels most comfortable to you, whether it’s slick or rough, posh or down-to-earth. There are many Sustainable Fashion Brands where you can shop your casual wear outfits as well for example : B Label, No Nasties, Doodlage and many more

Dressing casually is about achieving the ideal blend of comfort, uniqueness, and style – think attractive yet utilitarian ensembles – rather than focusing on formality.