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5 Best English Grammar Apps for Android Free Download

English is the universal language that helps people hailing from different ethnicities for connecting and continuing the conversation. Grammar is the structure and sound of the English language. However, we belong to any sector or community working there; knowing English grammar language is a must in every field. On this planet, there are lots of people who have bad English grammar.

But, not to worry..!! To learn English grammar language is now possible with the help of some best Free English grammar apps offline or online. You can install any of these English grammar learning apps on Android devices and can start your learning session today. You even do not require to get enrolled in expensive English classes.

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As we know, today, smartphones are not just being in touch with your loved ones, they are going to be far beyond all this. Now, you can also learn things and can improve your sills using only your android smartphones. Google play store has lost of free English grammar apps that can teach you as many things as you want to.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate-level person, to learn English is quite possible with the help of these amazing apps. Sometimes, it is okay to spell the word wrong or to cut the words to fit in your whole message. However, there are lots of people who could use little work on grammar. For them, there is a wide range of applications available on the Google play store which can help them to learn English grammar easily.

To make it more ease for the users, below are the 5 best free English grammar apps for android free download that can help you to enhance your skills and knowledge more in terms of English language as:

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English Grammar Ultimate

English grammar ultimate is one of the most popular free English grammar apps which is nicely designed for Android devices. This app has the eye-catchy and easy to use minimal interface. In this app, you will get four sections divided as English tenses, English grammar, spoken English, and grammar practice.

It is good to see the separate section for English tenses because they are one of the best and most important elements of English grammar. All the section is further categorized into subsection that will help to plan and identify your learning process more clearly. And in each subsection, the app has detailed information on a particular topic. The app’s practice section makes it more pretty handy to practice what you have learned in the app. This app is easily available on Google play store at free of cost. Spoken English section is the bonus feature in this app which lets you improve your English speaking skills too.

English Grammar Book

English grammar book one of the most awaited Free English grammar apps for learning. This app has a simple and sleek learning process and looks like just a book which contains grammar lessons. This also allows you to practice your English grammar learning’s in practice sections.

This app also has only three sections grammar book, grammar practice and marks scored. The first section contains the English grammar rules which are divided into lessons. The second section consists of practicing and the third includes the marks that you have scored. All these features make this app the best grammar apps.

Learn English Grammar

Learn English grammar app is basically a practice app from British council which also has three sections in it, practice, test, and settings. In the practice section, you can practice English grammar as per your English level. The other one is for testing your English grammar level. And the third one is to set the time limit for your learning sections. This app helps you to make your leaning grammar more in and compete, this is the reason this app is considered a one of the best grammar apps

Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

Oxford grammar and punctuation as its name clarifies more, this app clearly outlines over 250 grammar and punctuation rules. This app is simple verbiage, plenty of examples and supplementary lesions for the better learning program. This app also includes OCR which means you can use your camera to look up words and such.

The full version of this app also includes offline support, no ads incorporated in this app and every notable feature is available on this. Some people are not fans of the advertising that’s why it does not support any ads in it. The most special element of this app is that it translates the paragraphs that you take pictures of. This might come in handy when you come across a difficult term or you may need help to your major assignments.

English Grammar Test

English grammar test is again one of the prominent and best grammar apps. This app also considered with tons of features in it that include 1200 total exercise. This app stretched out across various skills levels test, etc. This app also helps to keep the track record of your scores and progress and is definitely not an app that you can push through in a day or even a week.

This app also wraps up the experience in wonderfully modern material design UI as well. This app’s ads are not much intrusive as others; otherwise, the app is completely free of cost.


Above all these were the best and the best grammar apps for android picks that will help you in learning in a more convenient manager. Now, it’s up to you which English learning app you like the most. You can choose any one of them to learn and enhance your subjective English grammar technique more clearly.


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