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10 Best Workout Apps for Weight Loss

Best Workout Apps for Weight Loss: The average cost to hire a personal trainer is $50 per hour. And even if it’s less, you still have to be somewhat attentive and out of your comfort to work with a trainer. What if these trainers are your smartphones?

Being there with us all the time, smartphones can be the best companion to let us know what exercises we should get on with while it tracks our progress. So, let’s roll down through some amazing iOS and Android apps that can assist you to get your dream physique.

Map My Fitness

[Free for Android | iOS]

The next amazing app on our list is Map My Fitness, which rolls down more than 600 fitness activities to users and can sync with over 400 devices to deliver a clear athletic performance picture of the user. The app is wonderfully detailed where you can find a nearby running route, or share your favorite routes to friends.

Map My Fitness offers a GPS-based workout system and saves data on distance, pace, and calories burned. You can utilize this data to set your own personal workout goals. Users can even challenge for a workout as well as it can motivate friends. The newest version of the app is compatible with both Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. There is a premium version that offers personalized training programs.

The PEAR- Personal Fitness Coach App

(Free for Android and iOS)

It is irritating not to have your hands or eyes-free while using a mobile app for workouts. The Pear Personal Fitness coach is different. The free app available for both Android and iOS users is eyes and hands-free audio app. It offers a rich array of workout guides for different fitness levels and performance intensities. The workout guides come in an array of packages and coaches whereas the app also plays well with a number of fitness trackers.

It supports a variety of fitness devices that allows you to track your performance and monitor metrics. The fitness app is free to download but contains a number of in-app purchases and to get the most out of it and explore through workout library, all you need is to spend $5.99 per month. That’s not much of a cost for a fitness trainer, is it?
Though the app is flawless on iOS, it still lags a bit in functionality on Android.

Workout Trainer

[Free for Android | iOS]

Workout Trainer is a free app from Skimble that offers thousands of workout routines step by step with audio and video tutorials. Whether you just want to be in shape or looking to get those six-pack abs, Workout Trainer has a workout routine for everyone.

Over the countless built-in routines, users can also make their own workout routines. They can share their routines with other users and can try routines shared other community members. There is a premium subscription that brings an ad-free usage and unlocks HD videos and more built-in routines.

Nike+ Training Club

[Free for Android | iOS]

This is where everything will be tested. This app has contributions from professional athletes and celebrities. Nike has built an app that centralizes on endurance, strength, and mobility. You get three difficulty levels and audio cues in the app help you focus more on the workout rather than your phone’s screen. Moreover, if you have a Chromecast, an Apple TV, or simply an HDMI cable then you can stream Nike+ Trainer Club on the television. Users can also share posters or customized photographs after completing a workout with our Nike+ users on the app.

Nike has delivered an app that can motivate you and make you do stuff you never imagine yourself ever doing.


(Free for Android and iOS)

The free workout app from is a gift for people looking to do bodybuilding and strength training. The whole app is loaded with a diverse range of routines sorted as per body parts. There are detailed instructions on every muscle of every part. Trackers, timers, exercise logs, workout planners, synchronization, and several other options are featured in JEFIT.

The free version includes ads while pro version unlocks more features and delivers an ad-free workout experience.

FitBit Coach

(Free for Android and iOS)

Call it a personal digital trainer because FitBit Coach acts like one. It offers you workout routines to match your physical abilities by continuously monitoring your workout choice and through FitBit fitness tracker that notes down your daily activities. The workouts in the app are always challenging but not that much difficult. There are perfectly guided workout videos asking with varying routines.

The step-by-step guidance is accompanied by a workout playlist to enhance your workout experience. Premium subscription uncovers an even broad variety of workout routines asking with some extra app features.


(Android, iOS: $9.99 per month)

Aaptiv has been supremely designed to offer a perfect fitness regime to the health conscious class. This application guarantees a routine workout for gym lovers by presenting them with instructor guided audio exercise sessions to accomplish several workout objectives.

The best part about this app is that it makes your workout session a hundred times easier by allowing you to select your favorite playlists.

With Aaptiv you can download or stream online for more than 2500 workouts. These workouts specifically relate to various fitness activities like cycling, running, high power interval drill, and marathon practice. Also, the workouts can be arranged accordingly for the time duration, distance, calories burned, and intensity.

Daily Burn

(Android, iOS: $14.99 per month)

Daily Burn is solely meant for providing day to day live workouts that can be utilized to direct the liveliness of a collective workout. This user-friendly app is simply designed to help the beginners with whole body workouts through live chats and under the guidance of remarkable visitants. However, if on some day you escaped your workout routine, then also you need not worry. This is because you can look for the missed workout session video online very easily.

Moreover, there are special videos dedicated to exceptional workout techniques like yoga, toughness training, and high-intensity powerful cardio exercises.

The best advantage of this app is that you are free to listen to audio workout sessions, and along with this you can try the guided courses that come with a trainer and pleasing music, which can be carried to any place that you want.  To attain the benefits of the regular workouts along with the workout library, you need to go for a basic membership deal at $14.95 per month. Furthermore, as a Premium tier member at $26.95, you get the added advantage of the “Best of 365” library related to everyday workouts.

ASICS Studio

(iOS: 14-day Free Trial)

ASICS Studio delivers tons of audio guided workouts to subscribers of different goals. The app has the option to deliver you a strength training as well as cardio, as per your requirement. Each workout is guided by a professional trainer that is blended with motivational music for excellent positive vibes while performing routines.

There are videos and photos to understand postures and routines whereas the audio mode along with timers make you follow the workout pace. Workouts are available for offline usage once you are a subscriber. ASICS Studio comes at a 14-day free trial after which you have to subscribe at separately set prices for different time periods.

Couch to 5K

(Android, iOS: $2.99)

Developed by, the paid Android and iOS fitness app Couch-to-5K is smartly built for couch potatoes. This app claims to change the couch potatoes to casual runners to joggers and finally 5K runners. Users have a 20-30 minute training course that comes the times a week for nine weeks. These training days are to develop their stamina into race winners.

You get to choose from four virtual trainers delivering complete routines with audio cues to keep you motivated while on run. There’s automatic as well as manual logging so that you can monitor your progress every other day.



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