Why Microsoft SharePoint Certification Is Valued In IT Industry?

At the moment nearly 85% of top Fortune 500 firms are using Microsoft SharePoint. Thus, the demand of professionals who have Microsoft SharePoint Certification in their portfolio, has increased manifold. LinkedIn alone has over 60,000 offers for positions that are related to SharePoint; at the moment. There are primarily six SharePoint roles that are popular right now.

  1. Administrator
  2. Developer
  3. Architect
  4. Engineer
  5. Analyst
  6. Consultant

Just like Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist happens to be in high demand due to their requirement in IT industry, the SharePoint Certification has its own leverage. However, the SharePoint Certification is deemed beneficial for both the individuals and IT companies who wish to make a career related to this platform.

The SharePoint specialists become competitive candidates with higher value and score better positions and salary. The IT businesses having SharePoint professionals results in effective teams that churn high productivity with good reputation among the collaborators as well as clients.

Why go for certification in SharePoint?

As mentioned above, it brings an array of advantages to both technical professionals and the IT firms that employ them.

Advantages to specialists

  1. Talent & Expertise Being Validated: The certificates of SharePoint of Associate as well as Expert level validate its owner to possess a minimum of two years’ worth of working experience in the domain of SharePoint with a comprehensive outlook to the areas associated with it. It also guarantees that the candidate possessing the certification has gained the relevant skills to take sensitive projects.
  2. Competitive Benefit : As per Microsoft, although 86% of managers who hire employees tend to prefer the applicants having IT certificate. However, 64% of the IT managers like to hire candidates who have Microsoft certification from different training organizations. Hence, Microsoft SharePoint Certification candidate has more chances of being hired.
  3. Better Salary & Position : Indeed, a Microsoft certified professional would earn more than its non-certified counterpart. Furthermore, the certified professionals tend to be having a higher chance to be posted on senior position in comparison to other non-certified candidates.

Advantages to businesses

  1. Microsoft Partnership Mark : Few of the Microsoft competency collaborations need a business or firm to possess a particular number of professionals with Microsoft certificates. This partnership brings in further reputation and thus more business to the firm.
  2. Higher Productivity : Many of the managers who hire employees, say that certified individuals tend to be more productive in comparison to the non-certified individuals. Moreover, it is found that developers who are Microsoft certified, tend to be more productive by 90%.
  3. Higher Credibility : It is extremely convenient to verify the SharePoint certificates. All a hiring manager has to do is seek the access code of a candidate’s SharePoint certificate and see his or her record on the site of Microsoft certification.

Many Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist tend to recommend their juniors to seek SharePoint certification, due to its increasing value and ease in finding good opportunities. The cost of certification is also affordable and there are exam packages which includes retakes as well.



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