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Where to shop for Hand Tufted Rugs

As it’s the house to the emirate’s government, the United Arab Emirates’s capital has become a haven for international textile trade. We tend to believe the town to be the best location to supply for Hand Tufted Rugs Abu Dhabi. “In 1980 we tend to start sourcing hand-tufted carpets from the center East and also the United Arab Emirates likewise as some native rags, however currently we tend to area unit sourcing from everywhere the region,” says Mr. Al Hassani. 

History Of Hand Tufted Rugs in Abu Dhabi:

 “Since 1980 we’ve been the primary the big apple authentic antique floor cover merchandiser with the biggest assortment of hand-tufted rugs, vintage and modern rugs, Oriental rugs, trendy rugs, and also the latest rags from the center East and also the United Arab Emirates. Our assortment represents the best materials, patterns, and colours of the globe from each region within the world. We tend to additionally carry hand-tufted carpets from Turkey, Egypt, Yemen, Asian countries, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. The carpets area unit hand-dyed, hand painted and hand decorated” says an adult male. Al Hassani. 

“Hand tufted carpets area units an excellent selection once you wish AN oriental bit to your home interiors or to offer the texture of the desert or the Arabian Desert. they are available in an exceedingly style of designs and colours to match any ornamentation. Our experts offer a full service to our customers from buying, installation. maintenance, restoration, repair, and redo of carpets.

We tend to be a unit dedicated to maintaining and up the standard and sturdiness of hand-tufted carpets.

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“Abu Dhabi Furniture have an outsized choice of real antique, ancient, and trendy rags purchasable. We provide distinctive hand-woven carpets of all sizes and colours. We tend to be a unit happy with our hand stitched carpets created by native artists and craftsmen, that are hand-loomed and made victimization distinctive techniques. Hand woven carpets from the Gulf regions of the United Arab Emirates and Iran area unit the best and area unit usually hand-painted to make a chic texture and color, kind of like that of Egyptian or Persian floor cover design. 

Carpet Collection:

“We supply the best and most exclusive assortment of ancient and antique carpet, together with hand-made carpets within the Mideast, the United Arab Emirates, China, and Turkey. Our authentic antique carpets are unit hand-woven and painted by hand victimization totally different techniques to make textures, colors, and made patterns. These carpets area unit thought-about to be additional valuable than their hand-woven counterparts and area unit additional sturdy and long than the foreign carpets from Asia.

 “Our carpets are a unit designed to last for many years to come back. and that they are a unit sure to rise up to the weather. Hand-tied Rugs area unit a singular assortment, that we tend to area unit proud to supply to our customers from each a part of the globe. Our customers will choose between a variety of hand-tufted carpets that point costs and qualities, betting on the sort of hand-tufted carpet you wish to get. 

“In this competitive world, we tend to persevere trying to find ways to push our business, in order that we will expand our client base. We all know that our customers trust our product and repair and the area unit is continuously happy to receive a brand new carpet to feature on their home interior ornamentation. Thus if you’re wondering about buying one, you must visit our web site and notice the proper floor cover for your home or lodging. 

“Our customers will get the simplest deals obtainable on-line. you’ll see that we tend to area units proud to give a large choice of hand-tied Rugs in our catalog and web site, that area unit offered at discount costs and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Our Goals!

 “Abu Dhabi Furniture” , we tend to be a unit committed to serving our customers to perceive the intricacies and history of our distinctive hand-tufted carpets. Our customers are a unit continuously delighted after they receive their customized carpet as a present, that they need designated from our vary. The method of choosing the proper hand-tufted carpet is additionally a really gratifying expertise for our customers. “If you’re trying to find the simplest place to shop for Hand-Tufted Rugs, visit our web site for additional data. This is often an internet site that’s dedicated to giving hand-tufted carpets purchasable at cheap costs and free shipping within the USA. It additionally has an in depth directory of all the web suppliers of Hand Tied Rugs United Nations agency supply a range of hand-tufted carpet styles.


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