What Adoption Attorney Atlanta Tell You About Inheritance?

Adoption Attorney Atlanta

Inheritance is one of the most important parts of parents’ lives because you don’t want to have your precious things in the hands of imposters and frauds. Also if you have adopted children then the adoptive parents have to make sure that they get what is theirs with the help of Adoption Attorney Atlanta.

Inheritance Is Important Part Of Adoption Rights Of Children

When deciding to adopt a child you have to focus on many things like providing the best care to the child in the form of love, good schooling, and confidence to lead a better life. But you should never forget that the adopted child also has the right to inherit.

Two Main Questions About Inheritance Of Adopted Child

You must know everything about the inheritance of adopted children because the child has two kinds of parents in their lives; the biological and adoptive parents.  Different laws are there for both the parents on how they can give a place to the child in their inheritance; you have to ask the Adoption Attorney Atlanta in Georgia for assistance.

Does The Child Have Right To Inherit From Biological Parents?

At the time of adoption the parental rights of the birth parents are terminated; either willingly or are taken away by force. This means that they also don’t have the right to add their children to the beneficiary name. But the child can become the custodian of their biological parents’ will.

Can Adoptive Parents Give Inheritance To Their Adopted Child?

When you adopt a child with the help of adoption lawyers like Tom Tebeau you have to give him/ her the same rights of inheritance as their biological children. This law will be fulfilled even if the adoptive parents don’t have a proper will written. Also, the adopted children have the right to contest the will of the parents.

Other Important Queries About Inheritance

Besides the two most crucial questions that are mentioned above; both the biological and adoptive parents have to know. The reason for this is that inheritance is a complicated matter that can go wrong if you are not being careful.

Do Adopted Children Have Right To Adoptive Parents Estate Plan?

The main reason for parents to develop an estate plan is to give security to the children; whether they are biological or adopted children. Just like any other inheritance law the rules also apply to the estate plan.

What To Do If Parents Forget To Upgrade The Inheritance Plan?

As the adopted children have the same rights that the biological kids have; so they have the right in the estate plan. If the estate plan is written before the adoption then the problem can be solved by rewriting the inheritance.

Are Laws Of Inheritance For Adopted Children?

By now you must have known that the adopted child has the same inheritance laws in Georgia as biological children; so you have to be sure that the adopted child gets their inheritance rights. The adoptive parents have to make sure that the adopted children get their inheritance.

Can Adoption Attorney Atlanta Be Of Any Help?

The most important thing that both adoptive and births parents can do for the child is to make sure that the child gets what they are destined for. The inheritance law must declare the things that will go to the child and this can be done with the help of an Adoption Attorney Atlanta.


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