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These 7 medical gadgets that track health must be at home, it is very easy to use

COVID 19 is increasing rapidly in India, or say Corona infection cases are increasing, so it is not good to go out of the house. It is very important to have some medical devices at home now. In Corona, people are getting fever and oxygen levels are decreasing for the first time. Today, oximeter and thermometer are in high demand. In this report, we will tell you about some medical gadgets which are very important to stay at home for 24 hours. You can check all these things without leaving the house.


With the help of an oximeter, you detect the oxygen present in your blood. In corona infection, the oxygen level is decreasing for the first time, which is causing problems for people, because this virus is first attacking the lungs. It is a small and economical device and it is also easy to use, you have to keep your index finger (index finger) in it to get the reading. Ask a medical professional which oximeter will be right for you. Buy Best Oximeter on Amazon

Contactless Infrared Thermometer

Whichever hospital you go to during COVID-19, the nurse or doctor there first checks the body temperature with the help of contactless infrared thermometer. It is an essential device that can also be used at home. You can use this device after consulting a doctor. Buy Best Contactless Infrared Thermometer on Amazon

ECG monitor

Previously, you had to go to a hospital or examination center for ECG, but now you can extract ECG report at home through portable ECG monitor. Some smartwatches like Apple are also getting support of ECG. These smartphones come with companion app on which you can view your health records, ask medical professionals which portable personal ECG monitor would be right for you. Buy Best ECG monitor on Amazon

Blood Pressure Monitor

Automatic electronic blood pressure monitor is another essential gadget. First of all, one had to go to the doctor outside the house once a week to get a BP check. At the same time, now you can take care of your health and your family’s health even at home. If a member of your family is troubled by high blood pressure and low blood pressure, you can check the BP by yourself at home by purchasing an automatic electronic blood pressure monitor. Buy Best Blood Pressure Monitor on Amazon


Glucometer is no less than a boon for sugar patients. Because the amount of glucose present in the blood can be easily detected by this machine. You can find out whether your sugar is low or high in just a few seconds from the time of sitting at home. If you also want to buy this device, then ask your doctor which device will be right for you. Buy Best Quality Glucometer on Amazon

Pain Relief Device

Medical Gadgets: Pain Relief Device Explain that some pan relief devices are also available in the market to relieve pain such as hot pads, massagers and nerve stimulators. Consult your doctor (doctor) to choose the right type of device according to your needs. Buy Now on Amazon

Heating Pad 

Built-in heat therapy pad provide ultra comfy hot for back pain, muscle soreness, cramps relief and injury, keep waist warm, also can be used on abdomen to relieve menstrual pain or stomach discomfort. Best Heating Belt/Pad on Amazon


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