Step By Step PTE Preparation Guide in 2022


The Pearson Test of English (PTE) has been taken by the candidates applying for VIA in the countries where English is considered their native language. In this exam, a candidate is scored on aspects which are: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listing. 

It is often problematic for candidates to plan their schedule and path about preparing for PTE and how to measure their success in the preparation. In this article, I will be listing all the steps that need to be followed while preparing for the PTE test for scoring good marks in the exam. 

1. Select a tentative date for the exam intake 

  • Before starting your preparation first and foremost thing which you need to do is decide at what date or in which month you are planning to take the exam. This information will give you a heads up about the time you have till the final exam. 
  • This step is essential because you need sufficient time for preparation, and this tells you about how much time you have in your hand for preparing well for the exam. 

2. Decide the mode of preparation.  

  • Decide on how you are planning to prepare. Do you want to join PTE coaching classes, or do you want to prepare for the exam independently? This important decision needs to be taken after analyzing a few essential factors. 
  • Few things which you should consider while making this decision is Your familiarity with the English language. 

3. Prepare a time table 

  • Once you decide how you want to prepare for the exam, prepare a time table. Divide your days wisely, allocation proper days for all the sections. As you have a certain amount of days for your preparation, make sure you make your timetable so you can cover up all the sections. 

4. Start preparing and practicing

  • Once you have made the timetable start preparing and practicing according to the timetable. Make sure you stick to your timetable and finish reading up all the modules on time so that you have to practice.  
  • The practice is essential for scoring good marks. Practise helps you measure your growth in your preparation and tells you what all sections need your more attention. 

5. Give mock tests 

  • Once you cover up the whole syllabus, you should probably start practicing pte tutorials, giving mock tests. Many online PTE coaching classes offer free mock tests. Mock Tests allow you to experience a test-like situation. Mock tests help you measure your growth with preparation and tell you which areas need your more attention. 
  • Mock tests help you analyze what mistakes you’re making and how you can avoid those mistakes in the exam. This helps you to bring improvement in your preparation. 

6. Refer to PTE prediction file

  • PTE prediction file consists of a set of questions for all the sections with high chances to appear in the exam. This helps you to practice more questions for the exam and increases your confidence in your preparation. 
  • There is no assurance of these questions appearing in the final exam, but yes, this file can be referred for more practice questions and to strogen your preparation for the exam. 

7. Go through the whole syllabus again 

  • Once you are done with all the preparations, mock tests and prediction files, make sure you go through all the concepts and syllabus again to make sure that you have covered all the points and haven’t left anything. 
  • This will help you know if you have any unsolved doubts so that you can cover up those doubts and won’t feel scared if some like that are asked in the exam.

8. Relax 

  • Once you cover up all the steps mentioned above, you might have reached the time where your exam will be due in around 1-2 days. Utilize these days to relax so that you are not stressed on the day of the exam, and you feel confident to perform well in the exam
  • It is essential to feel confident on the day of the exam to perform well. Believe in your preparation and appear in the exam with full confidence. 


The above listed steps will help you score good marks in the final PTE exam. These steps cover all the preparation you are required to do for the PTE final exam. 

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