Is MS in US a Good Idea for an Indian Student?

Once you have completed your graduation, you start planning for a master’s. Mostly, students pursuing B.Tech thinks of joining M.Tech or M.S for their higher studies. The ‘M.Tech vs M.S.’ clash occupies their minds and puts them in a dilemma. Some students are already determined to pursue M.Tech. Whereas others still get confused.

For the ones who are thinking of pursuing an M.S. then doing it from abroad would be great. The US is the topmost nation concerned for higher studies. After getting the graduation certification, students must focus on their masters rather than settling with jobs.

Pursuing M.S. from abroad is an unseen dream for every Indian student. So, when getting a chance to do so, then why to think more. Students would definitely love to encounter a change in the educational pattern. Once you get admission in M.S. in the US, the foremost confusion- M.Tech vs M.S.’ will put off.

The US is a developed country with advanced knowledge and the latest technical skills. Their educational system is always considered to be on the top. Pursuing a master is not only about getting a degree. It drives your career growth and professional development.

The US ranks first when it comes to education. No other nation has such capacity to compete with the US. Everyone dreams to get the best education, employment and finally leading a peaceful luxurious life. All this can be achieved through pursuing your Higher studies, post graduations, M.Tech, M.S. from abroad.

One thing we would like to clarify that when you have to decide anything regarding masters chose the best one. We need to make the phrase ‘M.Tech vs M.S.’ clear. So, if you are thinking to continue with then it’s fine. Else, the best option for M.S. will be to pursue it from abroad, that is, the US.

Why choose US for M.S?

Now, let’s discuss some of the appropriate reasons to prove that pursuing an M.S in the US is a good idea. 

  1. Fair Admission Process: To get into the best colleges for M.S. abroad, students have to appear for GREs. The who gets pass the exam will only get admission. Its preparation enhances the English proficiency skills of the students. 
  1. Top-most Faculties: The US colleges offer the best faculties to their students. Once you get to know about their faculties and colleges, you will forget your mind clash regarding the ‘M.Tech vs M.S.’ Apart from their own faculties, they provide guest panels from different countries.
  • Offers Learning Experience: Their master’s degree sets your mind free to learn. With practical knowledge, US colleges offer the best learning experience for their students. They offer online master programs that lead the students learning experience. 
  • Employment Opportunities: Getting advanced knowledge from the best faculties makes the students the best in their fields. This helps to build their resume and increase their employment opportunities. Students become experts in their fields and thus they don’t face any issues in getting placements. 
  • Makes you Financially Strong: Not only the educational system of the US but their advanced teaching technologies help the students to grow and enhance their skills. With upgraded and smart knowledge skills, students get the best placements and packages. Getting a good salary package makes the students financially strong and independent. 
  • Advance Technologies: MS colleges of the US offers their students the best education and knowledge. For this, they use the best technologies and involve their students to get into them.  
  • Expertise Knowledge: US colleges for M.S. hires the best faculties, as mentioned earlier.Professors with expertise knowledge help the students to learn everything. Apart from this, they focus on contacting guest panels from various other renowned institutes. Thus, they get proficient in their respective fields. 
  • Concept Clarity: Being graduated makes you smart and helps you to gain appropriate knowledge. However, doing a master’s from the best M.S. colleges drives you to the depth of your required field. Thus, there is a clearance in your concepts. 

The above points have definitely made you understand that pursuing M.S. from the best US colleges will be a great idea. However, it depends on you and your preferences. As you have a clear thought now, regarding pursuing M.S in the US, what are you waiting for? Start preparing for your GREs and bang on.   

In case, you are dealing with any financial issues, we advise you to wait for some time as pursuing a master’s from the US charges a little high price. Also, you have an option to do M.Tech from the best institutes in your country.


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