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Important Points to Know about Enterprise SEO Services

Enterprise SEO Services

Enterprise SEO refers to the process of focusing on the SEO strategies that improve the revenue and organic presence of the larger organizations. In this case, larger organizations are defined by the total number of website pages and not the total number of people working. An enterprise SEO service uses scalable strategies to ensure that the enterprise maintains its ranks on all search engines.

Enterprise SEO Service

How are enterprise SEO services different?

The chief difference between enterprise SEO service and mid-market/small business SEO service is that the strategies for the larger organizations have to be scalable enough for thousands of pages. Though a mid-market company or small business can have a few pages or maybe even hundreds of pages, a larger organization has thousands of web pages on their website. So naturally, the methods that work for a smaller number of pages will not work just as well for bigger websites.

What makes an enterprise SEO service so important?

An enterprise SEO service is significant as the strategies that help small businesses do not help the bigger ones equally. The chief strategic difference between these two businesses is that the smaller ones do not target highly competitive short-tailed keywords, but the larger enterprises do.

In addition to that, a large company needs a specialized and experienced enterprise SEO team to keep track of and maintaining organic rankings. For the smaller ventures, the person handling the SEO also deals with content marketing and social media.

So, when you target competitive keywords and contain thousands of web pages, you need a dedicated enterprise SEO service rather than a jack-of-all-trades who has to do too much within too little time. If you have been feeling that the SEO is just not working for your company, the chances are that you do not have an expert team working for you.

Also, enterprise SEO benefits larger organizations as they have more complex SEO issues due to a higher number of web pages, backlinks, and domain authority. In addition, enterprise organizations tend to have greater brand authority as they are larger websites.

However, it does not mean you cannot undermine that authority through redirecting or deleting pages that have higher page authority and acquiring backlinks. Also, you have to keep the content fresh and updated. As you can guess, it is harder to do that when a company is large enough. So, enterprise SEO has to be more sophisticated, scalable, and smarter in the end.

Top five strategies used in enterprise SEO

A top enterprise SEO company has more than one trick up its sleeve to take your business to the top. As such, there are the five strategies that a good company pays attention to:

  • maintaining page speed
  • grouping content in different subdomains
  • getting old content refreshed
  • selecting strategic keywords
  • link building and technical SEO

Though these strategies sound simple, they have a lot more nuances that are best handled by experts. Besides, these are just five strategies out of so many that are used. So, for your larger enterprise, make sure you hire only specialists.



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