How To Choose A Tennis Racket (And Get Your Decision Right)


Whether you are a beginner player or have the skills to become a professional tennis champion, buying a suitable racket is a fundamental issue, since it is a key element in the athlete’s performance and their performance during the match.

If you are a beginner player you have to start with the best tennis racquet for beginners that you can control it easily. Or if you an intermediate or professional player you have to find the best one for your skill level.

Each racket is different and each of them has characteristics that offer advantages and disadvantages for each type of player. It is necessary to know these differences in order to select the one that best suits your level of experience and way of playing.

Today, we will give you the best recommendations so that you can select the most suitable tennis racket for you and we will also show you which are the types available, the main characteristics and their influence on your game.

5 steps to choosing the right tennis racket for your game

Know the different types of rackets

There are basically three types of rackets: for power gain, for intermediate control, and for professional control.

The difference between one and the other is the design, dimensions, weight, and the ratio of the head of each model to the grip.

Choose the right grip size

It is a general rule of thumb that the measurement from the midline of the palm to the end of the middle finger is the ideal measurement for an adult grip.

Another way to choose the correct measure is to grip the racket with your dominant hand as you would at the time of the game and slide your index finger in the excess space. Ideally, the space is just and comfortable during the grip for greater control.

Choose a normal-sized racket, unless you want more power

A 27 or 28-inch racket is considered the normal choice and will give you enough control and power during the game.

If you want an additional gain in power, you can choose a larger one, but bear in mind that maneuvering a larger racket can sacrifice a bit of precision in the strokes, especially in inexperienced players.

Buy a large racket if you are a beginner

It is for the above reason that any beginner is recommended to buy a large racket with a proportionate head, which allows to gain power in the strokes and learn to control and dominate the stroke.

Consistent practice will help you get the right swing. Of course, following rule number two, about choosing the right grip size.

Try as many as you can before selecting one to buy

In specialized stores, you are allowed to test the swing and the service, that way you can check how you feel with the racket and know if you are making a good choice.

You also have the option of asking some of your friends and colleagues about their racquets and trying them out a bit on the spot to see which one is the most comfortable for you among the different models and brands available on the market.

If you want to know more, on the page you can find more information about it and thus make the best decision before buying the definitive tennis racket.


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