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India is one of the top destinations for world-class education and is accorded for rendering exceptional education to its students. There are many top universities in India ranking at international grades and the Indian educational institutions are known for featuring excellent infrastructure, highly experienced faculties, and ambient teaching and learning culture. Above all the educational fee in India is highly affordable compared to other countries.

The universities in India are categorized into many different types, such as government institutions, deemed universities, private universities, state, and open universities. It is important to have a specific grade in these institutions so that students and parents can choose them based on their scores. This is where the IIRF ranking for a top university in India comes to play. It helps students find the best institutions for their preferred course of study and helps them achieve their dream education and career.

The credibility of the IIRF ranking of Universities:

IIRF is the most authentic non-government ranking framework in India that has been approved by The Education Post, a monthly magazine for higher education. The rankings offered by the IIRF are on the concrete analysis by experts and stand as an authentic ranking, that has been approved by all the experts in the educational domain.

The rankings offered by the IIRF are based on several performance indicators such as teaching and learning resources, placement performance of the university, the scope for research, placement strategies and support, and the perception of the university by the students, teachers, and other industry experts.

Ranking for top universities by the IIRF:

IIRF renders sequential rankings for the top universities in India, excluding government universities. It takes only good colleges in the engineering, law, management, design, and architecture courses and gives them ranks based on the above-mentioned parameters. It also offers sequential rankings for Indian universities, law colleges, engineering colleges, design institutes, and architecture colleges. Subject wise ranking for nursing, medicine, dental, physiotherapy, and journalism courses are also included in the IIRF ranking for the year 2021.

Bottom Line:

Higher education is the most important constituent for a citizen that makes them equipped and self-assured for a career. It is thus important to grade professional organizations to guide students towards their prospective living. IIRF in collaboration with an independent research organization schedules institutions based on specific parameters to help students and their parents make an informed decision in matters about their higher education.

IIRF Ranking

About Author

IIRF expanded to “Indian Institutional Ranking Framework” is one of the best and the most authentic ranking organisation across India. It is brought out by the monthly magazine on higher education called the “Education Post”, since 2012. The system of methods used in the study is guided by FWA, the “Federation for World Academics”. The IIRF Centre for Institutional Research, ICIR, is also mentored by FWA in India.

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