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Google Titan Security Keys Come With NFC Support, See Price & Full Details

Google Titan Security Keys is getting new versions with USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectivity. Both the security keys get near-field communication (NFC) connectivity, which the company claims will allow them to connect to “more mobile devices”. The previous Titan Security Keys with USB Type-C port did not support NFC connectivity. Titan Security Keys, first introduced in 2018, is designed to help users against phishing attacks and provide external two-factor authentication (2FA) for various online accounts.

Special Features of Google Titan security keys

The updated Titan Security Keys now feature NFC on both its variants, making it easier for customers to choose which security key best matches their needs. Google has explained that “As NFC functionality is now supported by a large range of Android phones and iPhone models, we are discontinuing the Bluetooth Titan Security Keys and focusing on easier and more widely available NFC capability.

However, it is worth mentioning that Google will honor the warranty applicable to the Bluetooth Titan security keys introduced in 2018, and they will continue to work with Bluetooth and NFC-compatible devices. Let us know that Google has mentioned that iPad model users with Lightning port should get USB Type-A + NFC security keys with Lightning port adapter.

Titan Security Keys comes with Google’s Advanced Security Program, which is designed to provide additional security to users whose accounts may be attacked. Google Titan Security Keys provide security for users’ Google Accounts as well as third-party applications and services that support FIDO standards.

According to Google’s Titan support page, these security keys support Android smartphones running Android 5 or higher with the latest version of Google Play Services. iPhone and iPad models will require iOS 13.3 or an upgraded OS to be compatible with Titan Security Keys. For Security Keys to work on a computer, it will need a compatible USB port and the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers that support W3C Web Authentication.

Google Titan security keys price of

Titan Security Keys by Google will be available for sale on Google’s online store starting today, August 10. The USB Type-A + NFC security keys are priced at $30 (approximately Rs 2,200), while the USB Type-C + NFC security keys are priced at $35 (approximately Rs 2,600). The new security keys have been announced via a post on the Google Security Blog.

It is worth mentioning that the current USB Type-A security keys, which support NFC, retail for $25 (roughly Rs. 1,900). Whereas the current USB Type-C security keys do not support NFC and are sold for $40 (approximately Rs. 3,000).

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