Enjoy a Great Desert Safari in Dubai

If there was one city that can provide the most amazing experience of a tour, it is Dubai. Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai attracts millions of international and domestic tourists each year. The city also offers an amazing array of activities and attractions for the people who love adventure and excitement. Here you will find the most amazing adventure sports that are available in Dubai.

There are different types of tours that are offered in Dubai, which all include an exciting Dubai Desert Safari. The Desert Safari with live entertainment is very popular among foreign tourists. If you happen to be free at one day and want to do something incredibly exciting, go on a desert safari in Dubai with authentic barbeque food at the finest hotels of Dubai. The best desert safari Dubai will give you the chance to see and feel the lovely Gulf waters off the coast of Dubai. It will be a memorable experience.

 Desert Safari in Dubai

One of the most popular tourist activities in Dubai is the overnight desert safari in Dubai. You can go on an extended desert safari in Dubai, where you will see a variety of landscapes and breathtaking scenery. The longest desert safari in Dubai is the Al Maktoum Loop, which is a combination of landscapes. This overnight desert safari is for the people who love adventure and thrill. Other attractions on an overnight desert safari in Dubai include the Tall Ships, the Emirates Tower and the World’s Only 7 Star Hotel.

Another way to enjoy an exciting desert safari in Dubai is to participate in a traditional camel ride. You will get to ride on a traditional camels in Dubai, and will get to see the beauty of the Arabian Desert. This safari on camels will also give you an opportunity to see the other attractions in Dubai, such as the Dubai Museum and the Al Boom. An authentic taste of Arabic culture will be achieved by riding the camels on a desert safari in Dubai. During this trip, you will get to enjoy the best views of the beaches of Dubai and can see the traditional attire of the residents of the emirate.

Your desert safari in Dubai might end up in an awesome postcard picture of the horizon. After all, seeing the awesome views of the Dubai city will take you to some of the most beautiful and amazing places in the world. To have the most amazing postcard picture, plan your Dubai desert safari well in advance.

You can enjoy the whole experience with the best services and amenities of a well-developed travel company, which will arrange everything for you. Such companies can even offer an after dinner dessert cruise on the fabulous ship of the Desert Safari to let you experience the cool waters of the Arabian Desert.

 Desert Safari in Dubai

An early morning desert safari on a shaded camel will enable you to enjoy a cool ride on the back of the camel, and also see the spectacular site of the Dubai mountains from the top of the camel’s saddle. This morning desert safari will also give you an opportunity to enjoy desert safari through a well-planned itinerary. You can start your day in a luxurious hotel and visit some of the ancient forts of Dubai. The best desert safari companies will arrange everything for you on your special desert safari.

An evening desert safari will take you to the most beautiful site of the Middle East. A desert safari on a pebble beach will let you experience hot air ballooning at the sky and listening to the serene voice of the pilot as he guides you to the right place. The most popular tour operators in Dubai will arrange everything for you, and you can start your journey in a luxurious hotel, and end it in a traditional Bedouin tent.

The desert is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna. You can enjoy hot air ballooning and other exciting experiences like dune bashing.

An evening desert safari on the left bank of the river Al-Kara is a popular experience. You will see one of the largest collections of fossilised dinosaur tracks in the world. You will not have to leave your luxurious hotel to enjoy the exciting start of the day.

After the morning, you can continue your journey by driving the Boulakha-Khoa-Chittour waterway to reach the village of Satwa. You can make a start of a sandboarding adventure in one of the many resorts of the area.

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