Custom Rigid Box Packaging for Peanut Butter Energy Bars


You need quality and creatively compelling packaging for pitching your protein and other energy bars. Customers looking for healthy substitutes to snacks and munching items would not readily trust your products. Boxes for display with persuasive details like nutritional value of the offers would incline the potential buyers to try them out. If your brand is relatively new in the market, utilize packaging for building trust and rapport with the consumers. You can enlighten them about your dry food and cereal manufacturing company’s mission, vision and best practices. Custom rigid boxes for merchandise can aid you with communicating with the shoppers and influencing their perception about your offerings.

Packaging with detailed product insight would expedite the purchase process. Customers don’t have to ask around for their required information. Instead of wasting the space of your retail boxes on advertising claims and messages, utilize it for assisting shoppers to evaluate the pros and cons of the items you are selling. You can mention the names and percentage of ingredients used in the peanut butter energy bars that are full of flavor and can keep the consumers energetic. Packaging for eatables ought to be printed according to certain set standards; you should sign up with a printing expert for customizing your boxes.

There are many online and local vendors that you can check out and compare before making a preference.

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Need some tips on designing and printing finest and gripping packaging? Here you go!

Use an Interactive Box Artwork

A picturesque packaging design would make the product tempting for the onlookers. You can ask the graphics team for adding 3D effects to the artwork. Text can be highlighted on the custom rigid boxes using colorful and embossed fonts. Packaging with your branding color scheme would support you with making your business distinguished. Boxes for bundled up items should have enticing one liners about the saver deals.

Kraft Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Most of the food businesses prefer eco-friendly packaging as it is simple to handle, get rid of, and recycle. Kraft paper is lightweight and you can have the boxes printed with this material in any size you want. Discuss biodegradable and other stock options with your printer and then decide on the material for your packaging. Boxes shouldn’t have a style that makes handling of the product difficult for the consumers. View the layouts to better weigh the choices you have.

Packaging that has All Answers

Boxes for energy bars should have all the information like ingredients in the items, any possible allergens, calorie count per serving and manufacturing/best before dates. Information shared on packaging must be accurate; you should answer all the questions that a customer could have about the product.

Before you rely on any of the rigid box manufacturers USA, ask for a sample. Prefer a vendor that listens to you carefully and provides assistance proactively. You can ask for price breakdown of different services to know how much the bulk printing would cost you. Getting a good bargain would not be taxing if you know the average cost of design support and dieline for instance.

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Choose Packaging Republic for getting your boxes custom made with latest techniques. Take a tour of the website to know about the stocks and customizations available for retail and other packaging. You can send the box specs through online form or email for placing and processing your order!