Top 5 Best Schools in Burari 2021

top 5 schools in burari

In this blog we are talking about which is Top 5 schools in Burari ? School is the foundation in every student’s life. School helps to grow their children in various aspects like – morally, mentally, socially, physical aspect. It helps to build character and personality of a child. Schools helps to build the moral framework of the students.

School solves various purpose from building self-confidence, sense of teamwork and responsibility. Schools helps to inculcate new ideas, and gives opportunity to learn more about history, sciences and culture etc.

Top 5 Best Schools in Burari

1. Nalanda Modern Public School

Situated on the Main Road, Sant Nagar, Burari; Nalanda Modern Public School is amongst the Best School in Burari Delhi. The school was authorized in 1995.The present new building infrastructure was laid by the illustrious Mr. D.P. Vats the present Director of the school. The mission of the school is to empower students with great academic excellence, sportsmanship, intellectual growth, high growth of ethical awareness.

The school is established in the area of 4126 sq. mt. School provides a great campus with CCTV surveillance security in every corner for the student’s safety. Also well equipped library for the students and science. Social Science, and Mathematics labs with all the modern facilities for the students. Medical room with all the necessary teaching aids, multiple sports area and transport facilities. School provides a Music and Dance room for their students with an auditorium with all the modern aids. In addition smart classes are also there.

The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. The fee structure of the school is affordable and is quite budget friendly for the parents. Grade of the school is from Nursey to Class XII. The school offers all the streams (Science, Commerce and Arts) with various combinations of the subjects for the students of class XI. The timings for the school are from sharp 8:00 o’clock to 2’30 o’ clock, respectively. The school organizes various cultural and sports activities for the students.

The average strength of the students is 177.The total strength of the school is 2114.The school emphasize on English conversation in school hours. The school is trusted with SH.PT Meer Singh Edu. & Social Welfare Society.

The school is a great option for the students who student want to excel in academics. The teachers are well experienced and helpful in nature. The school provides every possible way to ensure parents for their child’s safety and performance. for any enquiry contact us.

Helpline: +011-27615716, +011-27614407
WhatsApp: +91-7289098000

2. Apex Public School

The school was founded by Late Mr A.M. Jonathan. School was established on July 29,1895 and is a non-aided Christian Minority institution. It is affiliated from Directorate of Education and Central Board of Secondary Education.

The mission and vision of the school is to strive through holistic development of students in friendly manner. The inculcate knowledge not only through books, Also through life lessons and skills.

The school provide various well-equipped laboratory’s and library for the students. The primary language medium in school is English which is mandatory. The teacher-student ratio is 31:1. The average student number is 1706. The school is excelled in extra-curricular activities and has academic excellency of 67% in first grade. The school grade is from Nursery to higher senior secondary providing all the streams in Class XI.

3. Kids Shell- Next Generation Pre-School and Day Care

The basic aim of the pre-school is to develop cognitive skills, early brain development, decision making, vocabulary and pronunciation in the kids from the very early age.

The school provides live access of camera with parents in the day care program. The school offers wide range of activities for the kids:

  • Freehand Drawing
  • Water coloring
  • Finger Reading
  • Charades
  • Reading
  • Puppet Shows; etc.

The rooms are well equipped and kids are free to participate in activities whatsoever they like to do. The school claims to provide independence, self-care skills, confidence and individuality. Kids shell has been adjudged as the best pre-school franchise in National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017. The school is fully AC with a well experienced and dedicated staff.

4. Manava Bhawana Public School

The school is English medium, and is co-educational. This school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. The school aim to provide quality education in the changing scenario of the world. The curriculum of the school is prepared in such a way that every individual gets the personal attention. School provides a relaxed atmosphere, a healthy environment for everyone in the school hours. It provides various co-curricular activities and, allow the students to pursue their hobbies forward.

The main aim is to develop knowledge through various activities and sports. Some of the activities organized by the school are-

  • Debates
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Martial Arts

5. Burari Public School

The school laudable initiative of Ved Prakash Educational Trust. The school has spaced classrooms and sports facilities. Also school have Air Conditioned digital classes, specialized IT and Science Laboratories. also well equipped library for the students. School provides a wide range of extra curricular activities and sports options. Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education.

Hope, the list given above is helpful for you to choose the right school for your children in future in Sant Nagar, Burari. The school above are for every age of kids who wants to excel in the academics and other various aspects. As all of them provide the helpful and healthy environment to grow as an individual. The school provides the foundation for the career, and future; provides stability, self independence and helps in building a confidence.


These are the top 5 best schools in Burari. If you are from Burari, You can visit any schools for your kid’s admission. I hope you have liked the article. Please share your views in comment.

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