11 Awesome Reasons for Buying a MacBook


It can be a challenge to choose the right laptop for yourself. There are thousands of options to pick from, and each brand has a funny way of convincing you that it might be the right one. 

We’re going to talk about a few reasons for buying a Macbook in this article. We’ll go over the value of MacBook technology, MacBook software, and the general ease of owning a MacBook. 

Hopefully, the information below will nudge you in the right direction. 

1. Macbooks are Intuitive

If there’s one thing that stands out about most Apple and Mac products, it’s that they’re very easy to use. Not easy to use in the way that most computers are functional, but easy in a way that allows you to complete complex tasks without ever having used a Mac before. 

Those who are more interested in getting right into the action will benefit from buying a Macbook. A lot of PC computers are tough to figure out at first, and they turn out to be a little clunkier than the Mac alternatives. 

2. There are Mac Software Alternatives

You might worry that Macs won’t have the particular software you need to run something in your life. For example, Microsoft Publisher is a software that a lot of professionals use, and it’s only available on PC. 

That said, there are numerous publishers available for Mac such as the ones at https://setapp.com/

The same goes for most other software and programs that you might need to use for work, life, or play. 

3. Easy Hardware Options

In the world of the PC, most of the additional components you have to buy for the computer come from a different company. This makes it a challenge to choose, install, and use hardware in a lot of cases. 

That’s something that doesn’t occur with the use of Macbooks because most, if not all of their hardware is created by Apple. Everything you need will fit seamlessly into your computer and work without a hitch in your step. 

If there’s a piece of hardware that you need that Apple doesn’t offer, you won’t have any problem running it on your Macbook either. 

4. Safety

Macs have always been notorious for their safety. Since the origins of the Macbook, security issues have been slim-to-none with the average user.

The only danger comes when you start to run various complex programs that might open up external security breaches. The bread and butter of Macbook users who use the computer for normal work and life functions will find that their information is very safe. 

Snow Leopard was a very safe operating system, but the current Big Sur operating system is even safer than the previous iteration. 

5. Long-Term Cost

Many people shy away from buying a MacBook because almost all of the options tend to cost more than $1,000. On the other hand, you can find a lot of PCs that don’t cost half of what the baseline Macbook does. 

The thing is, Macbooks last a long time if you take care of them. They’re far less likely to break down than the average PC is as well. 

The repairs or replacements that you experience with a PC tend to cost you more than purchasing a Macbook over time. There’s also the prospect of selling your MacBook when you think it’s time to get a new one. 

Macbooks retain value very well and can be sold for a lot more than a used PC might go for. 

6. Connection Among Devices

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll be in luck with the connectivity across both mediums. Your iPhone will sync up with the MacBook, transferring text messages, photos, videos, voice messages, and most other media that’s specific to your iCloud or Apple ID. 

You might not know you need that function now, but it’s very smooth and easy and serves as a nice way to keep all of your information with you no matter which device you’re using. 

7. Smooth Purchasing Process

Apple stores are iconic for their ease and streamlined processes. Regardless of whether you buy the computer online or in the store, you’ll have easy access to try and explore the functions of the computer you’re looking at. 

There won’t be a whole lot of red tape or extra information for you to deal with in the process, either. If you want it, you can buy it, take it home, and start using it right away. 

Further, Apple employees are trained in their products and will be able to help you navigate your decision based on the specific needs you have. 

8. Customer Support

MacBook owners get access to a solid network of customer support. Depending on the purchase you make, odds are that you’ll have a solid warranty and the ability to get insight or information into repairs that you may need. 

Because Apple is such a massive company and is known for its interest in customer needs, there is access to customer support 24/7. You won’t ever have an issue getting help if you need it. 

9. Updates are Seemless

A lot of PCs make it difficult or time-consuming to update the computer. You might even have to orchestrate certain downloads or changes yourself. 

With MacBooks, you’re alerted when there’s an update and given the option to run that update while you’re sleeping. The computer does all of the work after that, and you’re left with an updated and safe computer to use. 

10. MacBooks Run Windows, Too

There might be a situation where you have to use Windows for something in your life. The beautiful thing is, MacBooks have the capacity to run both Windows and Big Sur from the same device. 

So, if there’s any nagging software or company reason that you need a PC, note that you don’t have to buy a different computer to meet those needs.

11. Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s be honest. When you’re using a device day-in and day-out, you want it to feel comfortable and look good. 

MacBooks are some of the sleekest and aesthetically pleasing devices on the market. There are certainly some other competitors that look great as well, but it’s hard to beat the efficiency and elegance that a Mac has to offer. 

Want to Learn More About Buying a MacBook?

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