Yahoo is Not Sending Emails? Here’s How You Can Fix it?


Yahoo is one of the largest web networks in the world. Over 26 billion people send an email on a daily basis using yahoo. It’s an American web server. Yahoo started in the 90s with two members-only Jerry yang and David filo. They both started in 1994 and incorporated by 1995 at Sunnyvale, California. The company started with pennies and now runs with 133 Croce USD of revenue. At first, the companies name was ‘Jerry and dave’s Guide to the World Wide Web’. Then they named it ‘yet another hierarchical officious oracle. In 2008 the company faced a drastic fall, they rejected around $ 45 billion acquisition from a well-known company, Microsoft. Now, Yahoo has the most-expensive acquisition among everyone.

So, you see yahoo has a great impact on the audience in the digital market. The official data says 26 billion people use yahoo on an everyday basis. So the problem of YAHOO MAIL NOT LOADING CHROME AND YAHOO MAIL NOT WORKING ON COMPUTERS OR LAPTOPS is common nowadays. Although the problem is not rigid.

Below there are some common issues that people are facing:-

  •  Unable to open attachments and difficulties in loading particular pages.
  •  Taking a long time to open yahoo.
  •  Showing loading issues while login.
  •  Unable to compose a new mail.
  •  Doesn’t search for a particular message.
  •  The composed email section is missing.

A quick fix if Yahoo mail is not working.

1.Try to clear your cache and delete your browser history. This will create more space for your mails and clear the unwanted caches. It helps your yahoo mails work smoothly.

2. First and first, try to restart your system. Check your network connection and restart the browser.

3. Turn off all the antivirus and firewall. Sometimes antiviruses restrict browser activity. Try to uninstall the antivirus for a while.

4. Start javascript- from the upper right corner go to settings. Now click on the advance settings. Here you have to click on about goggle chrome. After you’ll find a new tab will open. From here you can update the latest version of the browser. Also, tap on the automatic update to avoid further disturbances.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to retrieve your yahoo account if it stops working.

1. Please ensure the sender has sent the mail to you. It is possible that the problem is not from your side.

2. Check your network connectivity and restart your device. A weak connection never works with any browser.

3. If you are trying to send an attachment with the email, mention the size of the attachment should not be more than 25 Mb.  Because of security reasons, yahoo doesn’t allow you to send files more than 25 Mb.

4.If you are facing the problem of opening your yahoo account, probably your files may get corrupted and cause such disturbance. Try to reinstall or upgrade the app.

5.Ask your client or friends  (to whom you send the email) to check his/her spam folder. Furthermore, make sure if he/she added your email address to the block maybe by mistake. Plus also check other folders too.

6.Check or try to open your yahoo account on any device, laptop computer, or maybe mobile phone- ensure whether the problem is with your computer or mobile device. Sometimes the chrome or web server doesn’t work on a certain device, laptop, PC, and mobile phone. If you are able to open on another device, then the problem lies on your device.

7. Update your Chrome browser by clicking on the three small dots to enter more options. After that, you’ll find some colours that depict different scenarios

  • Red shows the update has been available for 7 days.
  • Green signifies the update has been available for 2 days.
  • No colour shows that the device is running on the latest version.
  • Orange depicts update has been available for 4 days.

8. Try to change your credential sometimes it stops because of the password error.

9. Contact the yahoo team or find the support id.

10. Deactivate all extensions- sometimes extensions create issues. By clicking on more options go to extensions and now click on the remove all until get back the yahoo account back.

If yahoo doesn’t work on iPhone or Android, try to restart your device. Furthermore tries to log off every account from your device. Clear your cache and clear unnecessary data from apps. Due to so many reasons, yahoo stops working. But it is very easy to sign in back. Hacking in anyone’s device is so common nowadays. So for security purposes, yahoo restricts some intruder’s activity.  By refreshing your network or restarting your device you can get back to your google account. Yahoo doesn’t support poor connections. Sometimes the junk files make our server slow down the performance. Also updating your window and web server works, you can easily jump up to the latest version for better work.