Write a Research Design Structure and Content


A research design does not mean the modern office furnishings of a professor or the stylish presentation of a scientific publication. This text explains what is meant instead when the supervisor requests the creation of a research design and provides helpful tips for implementation.

What is a Research Design?

If you are writing your bachelor’s thesis or research thesis, your supervisor sometimes asked to submit a research design structure, examination plan or research concept to him in advance. In other cases, research design is a central chapter of the scientific work itself and can be found under this name in the table of contents.

In both cases, one describes the approach to processing a research question and its concrete implementation. The procedure is illustrated step by step, the methods and techniques selected for this are explained. In this way, the reader can understand how certain research data were created and how the respective results were achieved.

The research design structure also explains why you chose a special approach and why you did not use other methods, objects or data instead. The topic of research is narrowed down precisely by means of these exclusion criteria.

The research design and the synopsis are synonyms for the same type of. In general, however, “research design” is used more often in science and social science subjects, while the word “exposé” is used more often in the humanities.

Writing a Research Design for The Bachelor thesis?

A research design structure is not mandatory for every bachelor’s thesis. However, it is often expected to do a study, experiment or series of experiments, for example in subjects such as social sciences, psychology, medicine or other scientific or technical courses.

Before you hand over the entire work, you have to submit a short text to the supervising professor about his procedure. In this way, he can check in advance whether the research question can be followed rigorously and the necessary restrictions have been made so that the work on the topic does not get out of hand.

This is also a way for the supervisor to recognize difficulties in research work at an early stage and to intervene in good time if one is on the wrong path, e.g. because the common thread is missing. What exactly he expects in a research design and what scope it should have is best clarified in a personal conversation with him.

But even if a research design is not officially requested, it can be helpful for yourself. Because when writing, you strategically deal with how you want to proceed. This gives you a precise plan of which research steps follow each other and how best to implement them in sequence.

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How do you set up a research design for the bachelor thesis?

If you have to submit an examination plan for your bachelor’s thesis, you should summarize your research project briefly and concisely. Recommended range of 3,000 to 4,000 characters, which corresponds to about two pages of text.

In an introduction of a few sentences you can formulate the research question at the beginning and clarify its relevance. This is followed by an overview of the current state of research, the use of selected literature or study results already carried out by other scientists.

The main part of the research design includes a work plan that explains how to get your own research results. This can also be linked to a specific time frame. At this point you also describe which methods you choose for your procedure, which data you use and how you analyze them.

Like the bachelor’s thesis, the research design also includes a list of sources and literature at the end in order to prove the statements used in the text. One should also not forget to have the research design proofread like a bachelor thesis.

If you have to submit a research design to the supervising professor, you should already have formulated your question clearly. Then you can develop a suitable strategy based on which methods and techniques to use. The research design is thus an intermediate step and important support on the way to the finished bachelor thesis.