Working in Australia: The guide


Working in Australia: the guide

How to work in Australia:

Sydney Quality of life, political efficiency and stability, job opportunities, high salaries, health, taxes and healthy air. These are just some of the reasons that drive many Canadian every year to move to Australia to work and live. With its boundless lands, the ocean and open spaces, the “land of kangaroos” is characterized by being one of the countries in the world where people live best for quality of life and job opportunities.

Going to work in Australia is for many a unique opportunity, a way to completely change their lives by starting a new one on the other side of the world. The work here is not lacking both for young people and for those over 30 and even 50 years old!

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What you need to work in Australia: Visas and Documents:

Working in Australia

More supply, meritocracy and unemployment that stands at less than 6%: working in Australia farm is the dream of many Canadian. Salaries in Australia are also high with the possibility of earning up to 70 thousand euros a year, and for many young people it is also possible to find work with room and board.

Wanting to give you an idea of ​​the rate, we can say that the minimum wage is $ 17.29 per hour, to which we must add the Superannuation, a sort of pension that the employer pays monthly into a dedicated fund.

Before leaving, however, it is important to inform yourself well about everything concerning: documents, requirements, permits and of course the visa. Immigration laws are quite strict and in order to live and work in Australia, a very scrupulous process must be followed. First of all for what concerns the visa.

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Working Holiday Visa:

Let’s start with perhaps the best known work visa in Australia, used above all by young people and that is This visa can be applied for up to the age of 30 and allows you to live in Australia for a year, study for a period of 17 weeks and work. The Working Holiday Visa was born from a project that the Australian Government has set up with some countries including Italy.

The Working Holiday Visa can be requested from the Immigration Department, or you can contact the Australian Embassy. Let’s see what are the requirements to obtain the Working Holiday Visa and what it allows you to do:

  • It can be requested by young people aged between 18 and 30 for work and study.
  • It lasts one year. From the moment it is released you have one year to enter the country: during this period you can enter and exit Australia.
  • It allows you to work full time but no more than six months for the same employer.
  • The visa gives the possibility to study for only a period of 17 weeks. It therefore does not allow students to attend university courses.
  • The Working Holiday Visa offers free health coverage for the first six months.
  • Renewal: The Working Holiday Visa can be renewed for another 12 months if you do another 3 months of work on a farm or in other seasonal activities / n specific regions called regional areas. You don’t have to be 31 years old. If the renewal request is made outside Australia, you must also be outside when the visa is granted. If, however, the request is made while in Australian territory, you must be in Australia when the renewal is granted.

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The Working Holiday Visa is not the only visa that allows you to work in Australia. There are others dedicated to those who wish to work in Australia even at 50! Let’s see them together.

Other visas to work in Australia:

Student Visa: is required to go to Australia to study and has a duration equal to that of the study course and allows you to carry out part-time jobs, with a limit of 20 hours per week.

Standard Business Sponsorship: Perfect for working in Australia after 30. If you already have some work experience, you can ask for a Sponsorship, the one for which the employer sponsors you. It is the sponsor who must guarantee for you and deposit all the documents to work in Australia, with which he assumes the responsibility, including legal responsibility, of the worker. This visa has a minimum duration of two years.

Skilled Visa: reserved for those who have a perfect knowledge of English and highly qualified professionalism, which is needed in the Australian job market. You can be listed for this visa after passing a test and achieving a minimum score.

Business Visa: dedicated to those who want to work in Australia by starting their own business. the Business Visa is issued on a temporary basis, however, it requires that the applicant has proven business experience and is in possession of a serious business plan.

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Jobs in Australia: all offers:

Since the rules for entering the country are rather strict, especially after the age of 30, before deciding to leave everything and move there, the advice is to find work in Australia from Italy, relying on specialized and serious agencies that can also help you once you arrive on site.

Job offers in Australia are many and varied. In cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Victoria, the job opportunities are greater than anywhere else. One of the most requested jobs by young Canadian is in one of the many Australian farms, or farms that often also provide room and board and that allow you to obtain and renew the Working Holiday Visa. One of the most dynamic sectors with the greatest job opportunities is the IT sector.

The Australian economy is growing and still has a lot of potential that requires professionals in IT: programming, web design, online communication, logistics. For Canadian computer scientists, especially if they have a good level of English, holiday working in Australia is possible. Also very good for bartenders, pastry chefs and jobs in the restaurant and hospitality sector in general.

The Australian government website regularly publishes a list of the professions in demand in the country. The most important agencies to work in Australia are:

  • Hudson: specializes in staff recruitment;
  • Seek: search engine to work in Australia;
  • IPA: with various job offers throughout Australia;
  • Job search: portal of job offers divided by type;
  • My Career: site that requires the compilation of a form;
  • Jobs: a portal similar to the others with job offers and various advice;
  • Uni jobs: for those looking for work in the academic world;
  • Job net: the best site for job seekers in information technology;
  • Fitness careers: for those interested in a job in the fitness industry.
  • Conclusions: tips and tricks
  • Working in Australia for Canadian represents an important professional and personal opportunity. A job abroad in Australia can change your life. Positive experiences of Canadians who have already decided to work in the land of kangaroos.

To keep up to date on job offers for Canadian in Australia, follow the Working Abroad pages or write your job ad in Australia now!

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