Why Practice Enema Cleansing At Regular Intervals?


Prior to going ahead with the subject matter, we should comprehend what does colon cleansing means. It encompasses multiple alternative therapies that claim to remove “toxins” which are not specified; from colon and connected intestinal tracts. Other than known as colon therapy, it is also recognized as colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy. This now brings us to Enema tubing and Enema cleansing at regular intervals.

The practice with the best home Enema kit is mostly a private and discreet method of colon cleansing in a self-administered manner. But the most vital aspect about of it is that it is exponentially convenient to do. Thus, Enemas at home have become extremely popular because of its practicality. People, who have practiced it a few times, feel hooked to it.

Why get Enema?

The current lifestyle has created an array of health complications, such as indigestion, acidity, flatulence, chronic constipation, lower backaches, irritable bowel syndrome etc. Which then consequently creates psychological disorders like irritability, anxiety, depression, and other neurological complexities. All these disorders are found to be linked with poor detoxification and unclean colon in the body of an individual. Enema cleansing benefits in such health conditions and aid in maintaining good health.

For some years ago, getting Enema was a taboo and because of which no one wanted to get it. However, with the modern lifestyle incorporating it as a health practice which is due to its practicality, it has gained much popularity.

How to get Enema?

Water or any other prescribed liquid is usually inserted in this process, into a person’s rectum with the help of an Enema tubing or Colon nozzle or tube. The tube is connected by a hose to the Enema bag that holds the liquid for the process. Mostly saline lukewarm water is recommended, for safest and effective cleansing. But at times, some specific additives are also prescribed for peculiar health conditions and for the therapeutic Enema as advised by specialists. It is to be noted that depending on the volume of liquid needed, an Enema would be deemed as high quantity Enema or low quantity Enema.

The best time to have the Enema done is right after one has answered the nature’s call, as the relatively cleaner colon aid in realizing the most benefit of the process. It thus allows an unobstructed stream of liquid into the colonel tract. It is advised to include mild laxatives in the food the night prior to the Enema process, to aid in cleaning the colon.

Is Enema dangerous?

They are only dangerous, if improper methods are practiced. No harm happened to people who used the best home Enema kit. The minor inconveniences can be averted with below mentioned tips.

  • Always use only the best Enema kit meant for home usage.
  • Do read the instructions carefully before using the kit.
  • Assemble the kit properly as directed in its user manual.
  • Do not overfill the Enema bag with liquid.
  • Use KY Jelly or Vaseline on the tip of the Colon nozzle before carefully inserting it.
  • Stop when feeling full, even if there is some liquid still remaining in the Enema bag.

If done right, Enema cleansing on regular intervals will keep a person healthy and youthful.