Why Modern Lifestyle Is Causing Health Issues In Men


We can see that the modern lifestyle is not good for health. Life has become too much busy, and people have to struggle more for their survival. Latest technology and social media have led to various mental problems. Fcp Medical experts suggest that people should take necessary precautions for living a healthy life. Following are some issues that have occurred in the life of men due to lifestyle.

Constant Contact With Others

We have seen that with the advent of the internet and innovative devices, people stay in close contact with others. Due to social media platforms, they have easy access to see how others are living their life. We know that different people have different financial conditions. They may enjoy different facilities. It generates a sense of inferiority or superiority among men. They may get the negative impact of these facts and get depression. For example, we can see that people have access to the life of actors and celebrities. They see them living a happy and prosperous life. It creates wishes among other people who can’t afford such facilities. It is the main cause of anxiety among various men. 

We have also seen that due to the latest technology, women and kids can see different products for recreation. They know how to live a happy life. It increases their wishes, and they long for expensive gadgets for spending their spare time. All men can’t afford these modern devices. They don’t have enough resources to make money for such facilities. This affects the mental health of men that they can’t fulfill the desires of their kids and wives. They feel anxious, which leads to various mental problems. They may also get heart diseases.

Trying To Do Too Much

With the advent of technologies and increased competition, people try to copy each other. They try to reach their maximum and work hard. You should know that hard work than the capacity of a man can lead to serious problems. We have seen that most men work more than their capacity to earn more. They work the night shifts and stay asleep. These facts make them feel tired. They try to make more money. In this way, they work for more hours which may lead to serious physical problems. Another fact is that due to tight working hours, men don’t have time to exercise

You should know that increased hard work and reduced exercise is the major cause of various physical disabilities. Exercise can help to keep men fit. They can have strong bones and healthier muscles. Due to lesser exercise and lesser sleep, they may get the problem of tiredness. They don’t feel good and feel anxious. They may get problems with blood pressure, mental illnesses, and muscular or bone problems. Hence, trying to do too much is one of the major causes of health issues in men due to the modern lifestyle.

Infrequent Stress Release Mechanisms 

We know that previously people had stress release mechanisms. They work for few hours and then play on the grounds. They didn’t spend time in offices and factories to earn more. They took care of their health. Nowadays, people work for many hours in offices and come home late. They go to sleep just after reaching home. They don’t spend time with their family. Moreover, due to the arrival of the latest mobiles and internet, no one gives time to others. People stay involved in their mobiles and use social media platforms to spend time. They do not explain their problems to each other to release stress. Hence, the infrequent and poor stress release mechanism is a big cause of anxiety and mental illnesses. For better mental health, men should have a proper stress release mechanism.


We know that modernization has created many environmental problems. Industries have created a lot of beneficial products for humans, but they are also polluting our environment. The air in which we breathe contains a lot of pollutants. It may contain unhealthy gases, aerosols, dust particles, and pollens. Breathing in polluted air can lead to various health problems of the lungs. Similarly, our earth is polluted, and it contains a lot of bad elements. We are drinking polluted water containing heavy metals and pathogens. Hence, due to modern technologies and the latest devices, pollution has increased. We can’t live without ACs and fridges. They release chlorofluorocarbons in the air and lead to ozone depletion. Pollution is increasing health problems in men because they are more exposed to earth, air, and atmosphere. Doctors in UK say that pollution is the major problem that can lead to serious health issues in men.

Depression And Financial Needs

We know that with the arrival of the latest technology, many people think of living a luxury life. They look for more income. They try to work for more hours and increase their income. Sometimes, they become successful in increasing their income, whereas others may fail. People who don’t have the capabilities to earn more fail. They feel depressed because their wishes remain untrue. They don’t know how to fulfill their desires. This is a big condition that can make them anxious. They may get addicted to alcohol or think of suicide. Hence, higher financial needs and lower income can lead to various mental illnesses. They can make the individuals depressed. 

We have described how different factors in modern lifestyle can affect the lives of men. We have seen that men get more mental problems because of their lesser income. They remain unable to fulfill their wishes. FCP medical experts suggest that the modern lifestyle and the use of social media have created a lot of problems for men. They always feel unhappy due to their unfulfilled wishes. Moreover, reduced exercise due to prolonged working hours has also led to serious physical disorders.

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