What Makes A University Top Ranked?

top university in india

A university is a center for providing the highest levels of education, spearheading research, and creating a culture of bonhomie. Every nation must have some universities that can shape the future of its academic excellence, as well as nurture the professionals and inventors who will lead the socio-economic changes for its people. India has been the pioneer of exemplary higher education with ancient universities like the Taxila and Nalanda, which were known globally for the education provided in various sciences. Today, though technology has changed, the standards that make a university great remain more or less the same. 

The top universities in India have few things in common. The ranking done by various organizations has found them to be the best in five main aspects of judging educational institutions. Irrespective of the domain of knowledge, they lead with the following qualities:

  • Research work: The quality and quantum of research work done by the faculty and students is an essential parameter that decides the ranking of universities. There must be research support, in terms of resources, money, time, and guidance. Many of the best universities have innovation/ incubation cells that dedicatedly work for developing ideas by students. Plus, research collaboration with industry is important, as the projects that are commissioned for developing products or technologies for industry usage fetch credibility, as well as income for the university. Ranking bodies consider the research papers published by the professors in impact factor international journals and citations. 
  • Infrastructure: The Top universities ranking ahead of others must have state-of-the-art infrastructure. For instance, engineering colleges must have well-equipped labs for research and practical work. Training must be provided with as many lifelike situations as possible. Libraries must have international books, magazines, and journals, along with online versions. Auditoriums and halls must be there to hold seminars and conclaves. Moreover, students require adequate open space to mingle with each other and have some recreation. 
  • Student bodies: Various student groups or cells dedicated to student placements, cultural development, grievances, innovation, anti-ragging, continuing education, sports, social responsibility, and industry interface. All leading universities also emphasize their annual publication by students, handled by the editorial cell. 
  • Faculty: Attracting the most distinguished faculty is the quality of the Top universities in India. They have professors who are not just the best academicians, but also hold some industry exposure and are innovative in the way they approach pedagogy. They guide students for research and even help for choosing career paths. 
  • Placement: Gaining employment is the goal of higher education in the first place. Hence, placement quality does matter for the ranking of universities. However, it is a result of the other factors mentioned above. If the students do ample research and are in-synch with industry needs, they are bound to be valuable for employers. The companies are also attracted to technically advanced colleges, as they make students ready for global projects. High-ranking universities have faculty that has good relations with industry leaders, and it helps in placements too.

The student composition in the best colleges is dynamic, with a high number of international students. Exchange programs give the students the experience of interacting with international faculty and observing new cultures. The top university ranking 2021 is based on these factors and seeks to provide unbiased information to students. Though it takes many years to reach the pinnacle of ranking, the universities can maintain their position with consistent efforts.