What is Travelling mean to you?


If someone asked me this question so my reply is “Travelling is a way to know about yourself”.

I love traveling, seriously I love it so much and also I love to explore different cities and their culture, food, way of their living and shoot them also and one more thing is I love photography, so according to me these whole things give me satisfaction, it’s like a meditation for me that’s why every second month I packed my bag and just go to my destination.

I think travelling is way to explore yourself and most important thing is to know about yourself because in this time our life is like a metro train wake up early morning then go to our workplace and then came back and took our dinner and after that go to our bed so these all things happened with us right now so we have not that much time to work on those things which give us satisfaction especially our soul. So through this whole thing, I just want to say that through the travelling you can give time to yourself, you can do whatever you want like- singing, dancing, cinematography, editing, writing, shooting, photos etc. In travelling you have enough the time to find out yourself like you have the time to exploring, do those things that you literally want to do, you can talk to your soul like what are you’re doing right now? and the thing that you are doing right now is according to you or not and what kind of changes make your life better than you want especially form yourself.

I think “Travelling” means it’s like an Inspiration and it can motivate you, give a new way to your life, because on Travelling you can meet new people but here I shared my experience and the people that I met in my two years travelling carrier those all give me inspiration, they are not rich people and they are not successful people, they are not in the Forbes list but they know the value of their life and they live our life on their own and they do those things which they really loved and also they don’t care about the people who said anything to them so they just live their life.

I remembered when I was in college so I had no idea about travelling. At that time for me travelling was go to your relatives, meet them and come back to our home that’s it. But when I got my first job so some of my seniors were planning for a trip and I was not the part of that but when I saw their pictures so I was like wow man this is another way to live the life. After some time I and my college friends decided to go on a trip and then I realized travelling is like an inspiration. My interest in travelling and exploring had to emerge from that place and after that, no one-stop me still I am unstoppable.

I am from Jaipur the Pink city, in this Rainy season in India, Jaipur is like heaven and as an explorer, I found some of the places which are still in the history of Jaipur city but not revealed officially. So I went over there and I am proudly said the feel which I got I never ever felt.

In the earlier time Travelling was like just Travelling only. I mean to say just pack your bag and then just go to your destination and the stuff they carried at that time was just clothes but right now the scenario has totally changed because right now traveller bag was full of the Travelling Gadgets (cameras, lenses, drones, tripods, GoPro etc.) so in today times people also love to shoot the different cities, tale a cinematic shot and then make a Vlog and upload that on Youtube, Instagram. According to me Travelling right now is like to motivation and this motivation gives you the new wings of your life and a new way.

So in the end, I just want to say that just do whatever you want, if you love traveling so don’t waste your time ok just go, pack your bag go where you want to go.