What is Larimar Stone? What are the Benefits of Combining Larimar with Moonstone?


Today, larimar stone jewelry, mounted on gold or silver. The rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants of great value are besides those made from larimar blue, deep or simply azure. This rare variety of pectolite originated from eruptions of volcanoes that occurred mainly on Hispaniola Island, around 1 billion years ago. These would have facilitated an arrangement and association of chemical, sodic and calcium elements, such as basalt, andesite and silicon-oxygen. This fine rock (since 1979) results from the crystallization of gas and incandescent materials inside volcanic vents. It is nowadays proven that this semi-precious rock, photosensitive has good therapeutic properties.

However, over time, the larimar may lose its beautiful coloring. However, the darker the blue color, the more precious the stone. Even if blue stones are the most sought after, there are other varieties of color for  larimars : colorless, green, red, gray or even white. The reddish colorings are due to traces of iron.

The Virtues and Properties of Larimar stone on the Physical Level

Rock of happiness and pride of the Dominicans, the larimar is used in several relief methods. It is also recommended that suffering people and women who have recently given birth wear it. For new mothers, it helps fortify the adrenals, regenerate reproductive organs and produce rapid and abundant breast milk. On the other hand, for future mothers, volcanic rock can be used in acupuncture to facilitate childbirth. It is an element widely used by reflexologists to detect deficient points of the meridians, in order to revitalize them adequately.

The main technique then used is drainage, and the organs on which it is supposed to act are numerous. It can thus be a drainage of the liver, the gallbladder, the spleen, etc. Some even claim that by using the larimar for massaging the soles of the feet, it fills vital points with positive energy and promotes rapid tissue reconstitution. This self-relief therapy, suitable for the injured, is also indicated for large lesions caused by fire.

This stone can also be used in addition to clinical care in the context of post-traumatic treatment. Indeed, it helps in restructuring the nervous system. People who have survived serious accidents and those who have suffered abuse or experienced horrific and hyper-stressful situations in the past can be emotionally affected for a long time. They can often have moments of instability due to deep feelings of guilt, fear, panic, anguish or fleeting anger. These are of course ephemeral and more or less periodic situations, but their repercussions on the physical and psychological health of the person as well as the effects on the surroundings and the atmosphere of the house must not be neglected.

The pierre larimar therefore has the ability to fight against his feelings which have negative feedback on each other. Sold in almost every jewelry store on the island of the Dominican Republic, the larimar stone can be purchased as a holiday souvenir. In this case, its delivery will be free.

Benefits of Combining Larimar with Moonstone

You may choose to use Larimar with sterling silver crystals to emphasise this stone’s relationship with the higher realms.

It will blend well with high-energy crystals such as Anandalite, Darwin Glass, Moldavite, Natrolite and Tanzanite, including Datolite, Scolecite, Phenacite, Aurora Quartz, and will help you enter the higher realms during meditation.

Larimar Stone helps stimulate contact with the Goddess, combining it with Rainbow Moonstone to increase this aspect of its energy, which also helps contact with the Goddess.

You can soothe your feelings and free yourself from stress by contacting the Divine Feminine. The crystals of Lemurian love to be combined with Larimar.

Together with the quartz energy, using this stone helps to amplify the vibration, to help you to make contact with the Goddess. It also works well with Green Diopside, Ruby Stone, Stellerite, Septaria, Sunstone, and Lepidocrocite.

In which Metal to wear moonstone for best results?

Silver should be the first choice, as the metal for Moonstone. If possible, gold, Panchdhatu, etc should be avoided. In the little finger of the right hand (Left Hand for left-handed people and Right Hand for right-handed people), the moonstone is worn.

So, You can Wear 92.5 moonstone ring for best results.92.5 Silver means that the jewelry is made  of real silver. Solid silver, also called 925 silver (or sterling silver), corresponds to the quality of the silver of the jewel. Indeed,  we cannot make a jewel in pure silver, the material being too ductile (too soft), it is essential to combine it with a harder metal in order to make the silver more resistant and less sensitive to marks (the copper is the metal most often used, zinc is sometimes also found). 925 silver therefore means that  the material is 92.5% silver  and 7.5% other metal.