What are the Benefits of Power Bi & Microsoft Flow Training?


When it comes to data analysis, Power BI has a special place. It provides powerful analytics and reporting tools for everyone ranging from small businesses to large enterprises dealing in big data. It has become the go-to reporting and analysis platform in many industries. If you are a data analyst and seek to enhance your curriculum and skills, you should learn analyzing data with power bi. Find out the benefits of Power BI and Microsoft Flow and what they can help you do.

Benefits of Power BI Certification

Microsoft Power BI certification allows you to make the most of this business analytics service. You will learn how to connect and visualize data using this scalable and unified platform. It provides you with deeper insights into the data. You can leverage its interactive BI and visualization capabilities while using its simple UI to create dashboards and reports.

Some of the advantages of the training course are as follows:

  • Stunning Data Experiences: Connect to data, visualize it, model it, and create innovative reports tailored to the brand and KPIs. Generate quick and AI-powered answers to business queries.
  • Valuable Insights: Learn how to connect to all the data sources within an organization. Learn how to analyze and share data insights with the utmost level of data accuracy, security, and consistency. 
  • Collaborations: The course also covers collaborative features. Learn how to collaborate on reports and share insights across different Microsoft Office tools to make decision making easier.

Leverage Power of Microsoft Technologies

Power BI is a service from Microsoft and once you are trained in it, it is possible to optimize your business intelligence using powerful tools from the tech giant.

This covers:

End-to-end Data Protection

Protect data on Power BI data sets, reports, and dashboards using advanced protection. The protection is available even when the reports or dashboards are shared beyond the organization using formats like PDF or Excel.

Vast Data Connection

Power BI has a vast library of data connectors that continues to grow. Share the picture with everyone to enable and empower data-based decision making. You can learn how to connect to on-premise/cloud data sources like:

  • Azure SQL Database
  • Dynamics 365
  • SharePoint
  • Salesforce

And more.

Learning to use Power BI with MS Office and Azure allows you to find optimal value from your data and technology. The information dashboards can be tailored based on the organization’s needs. User experience can be enhanced by embedding BI reports into dashboards. Key enterprise-wide data can be readily monitored by combining on-premise and cloud data from multiple applications. Learning Power BI also empowers you with the skills and knowledge required to integrate with different enterprise applications.

Benefits of Microsoft Flow Course

The trigger-based system, Microsoft Flow, allows you to create automated workflows. It creates workflows whenever events get triggered. It can turn business processes into consistent, automated, and visual workflows. It can help connect different tools in Office 365 and other on-premise/web-based solutions. Once you complete Microsoft flow training, you will be able to select proper workflow logic and actions for business workflows.

Thus, there are many advantages of training in Microsoft Flow and learning analyzing data with power bi. It is important to select the right training course to enhance your knowledge and skills.