Ultimate Guide To Optimize Product Listing On Amazon


The online marketplace Amazon offers massive opportunities for vendors and businessmen to sell their products. It is the biggest product search engine with a huge number of active users present globally. Thus selling products on Amazon is easy provided the same is optimized in the most effective way possible. To enable this efficient optimization it is always better to get in touch with businesses offering Amazon SEO Services India.

But with several firms selling Amazon specific SEO services, it might be a little confusing to understand which firms will deliver the best results. To ensure this the selection needs to be done based on the methods adopted for:

  • Boosting up the product rankings on Amazon,
  • Driving relevant traffic to the client’s Amazon store and
  • Increasing product sales.

For the above 3 to be successfully achieved certain techniques need to be adopted like:

  • Amazon SEO Audit: This is generally done for product pages that are already listed. This audit enables the provider of the SEO Services Delhi to understand the effectiveness of the product page already present on the Amazon website. Some of the things that are checked in this audit are:
  • The target keywords for the product and its current performance,
  • If the product page designing follows Amazon Standards,
  • Required on-page improvements that will enable higher rankings organically,
  • Direct competitors and their performances,
  • New keywords that can be targeted and their intensity,
  • Good and bad customer review status etc.
Amazon SEO Services

This will enable them to come up with the best possible strategy to improve product rankings for their clients.

  • Product listing and its optimization: For clients who are starting from scratch, the optimization needs to be done from scratch and includes 4 major processes like:
  • Keyword research wherein a list of both high and low density product-specific keywords are compiled from which the targeted keywords are filtered out,
  • Product title has an important role to play in product finding and a suitable title including a combination of keywords need to be created by the people offering Amazon SEO services India,
  • Product pointers in the form of bullet points are then created so that visitors can get a quick view of the important product features and
  • Then an Amazon SEO optimized product description is written using the targeted keywords to improve the product rankings instantly.
  • Amazon SEO Services : Amazon SEO is an ongoing process. Thus firms offering Amazon SEO Services need to ensure that they keep a regular check on:
  • Target keyword-based unique product description,
  • SEO relevant product description,
  • Product features and image optimization,
  • Headline and product price optimization and
  • Customer review management.

Any SEO Services Delhi offering the above services should be considered. These are the most important services that are required for Amazon product optimization. Other services like providing an Amazon-specific marketing specialist, professional copy-writing, inventory monitoring, monthly reporting, FBA support etc., add value to their services and enable their clients to get better ROI.

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