Top 8 etiquette standards of a coworking space

Etiquette rules of coworking spaces

Individual workers and freelancers are beginning to shift to shared offices where they can work freely. The trend of coworking spaces is increasing around the globe. Even businesses and start-ups are beginning to opt for shared offices instead of traditional offices. The reasons why shared offices are becoming a top priority of the customers are many. From cost-effectiveness to a more flexible and productive environment, these spaces are working out better. However, there are certain rules and regulations which must be followed by co-workers. These rules are a code of behavior, and the users must comply with these rules. Read this article to know what these rules are and why they are important.

Etiquette rules of coworking spaces

A c-working space requires you to maintain a friendly environment by following a code of behavior. This code of behavior is called the etiquette rules of a co-working space. Coworkers must follow these rules to keep things in line. Following are some of these rules discussed.

1. Keep your desk clean:

Co-workers need to keep their desks clean. Keeping a clean environment is a positive gesture of self-behave and gentleness. It can also be aspiring for others, hence motivating them to clean theirs. A clean environment is essential for you and your neighbors to work effectively and generate more positive business results. Of all the rules and regulations of a co-working space, keeping the environment clean is prominent.

2. Be cooperative and friendly:

Greeting your office mates and keeping a nice tone is highly recommended. Cooperating with your co-workers will uplift morales. It can foster good working relationships with your office mates. coworking space Dubai requires you to keep a nice tone with other individuals and cooperate with them when needed. Apart from working scenarios, meet them in a nice and friendly way to make a good and lasting impression.

3. Come with your supplies:

Asking for supplies like stationery items or water glass is a bothering thing to do in an office. Try to bring your supplies and avoid asking others unless there is an emergency. If someone loans you something, try to return it on time as it was. Placing it back on their table as a courtesy would be a nice gesture.

4. Keep your mobile phone silent:

The loud ringing of tones is quite an annoying thing inside an office. It disturbs others while they are busy doing their tasks. Try to keep your mobile on vibration so that others cannot get disturbed. The most important etiquette rule of shared offices is to keep the place quiet. Co-workers must comply with this rule to keep things in line. When answering a phone call, try to go out of the office since the other workers may have a hard time listening.

5. Establish positive connections:

One of the features of a coworking space Dubai is that it offers networking opportunities. Workers must utilize this opportunity and build positive relationships with the other office mates. Doing so will help both the parties in both working and interpersonal scenarios. Such connections can also help you a little in advertising your business.

6. Ask permission before speaking:

Entering someone’s cabin and talking to them directly can be a disturbing act. Avoid such a fuss and ask them if they have a moment to spare. Since everyone is busy doing their tasks in their cabins, you need to ask permission before speaking to any of your office mates. A knock or asking permission may suffice for a meeting with you.

7. Use your space:

Since a co-working space offers you only those desks for which you pay them. You can use extra desks and chairs as they will be rented out to other users. You only have to use your desk and chairs. You can ask for extra stuff if there is an emergency. But it would be best if you replaced them once they serve your need.

8. Time management is crucial:

Sticking to schedule in a coworking space is essential. If you have reserved a meeting room, you need to use it for as long as you have booked it. Since other users may also need it, you better manage your time of the meeting. Causing a delay in other’s schedules can be a negative gesture.

Why follow these rules?

A coworking space is a professional office where different users sit to work. These individuals belong to different fields, doing their respective tasks. There is no work-related relation among these individuals, except they all sit under one roof. Every one of these individuals needs to take care of some important points for keeping the environment sound and professional. Most of the start-ups and individual workers opt for coworking is the best choice due to their professional environment. You need to give it a go if you are an individual worker or a start-up owner. You can reap many advantages when working in a professional environment like a coworking space.