Top 7 Packaging Trends You Should Be Aware of in 2021


What can you expect to see in 2021 food packaging? Many companies are focusing on connected packaging to offer even more value to their customers. QR codes offer a wide variety of benefits, including manufacturing information, consumer engagement and even brand authentication. Of course, there are even more trends on the horizon, including art styles and a focus on the environment.

Eco Friendly & Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is a huge concern among consumers who want to shrink their carbon footprint. The effects of climate change are keenly felt across the globe, and companies should be combatting the issue with smart choices.

Today, there are many eco-friendly packaging options that don’t compromise on quality. Some are even more cost-effective than plastic and other non-sustainable options.

Flexible Stand Up Pouches

When it comes to snack packaging, flexible stand-up pouches are stealing the show. Not only are they easy to store, but they can be manufactured to contain strong smells and block sunlight exposure to keep food fresh.

2021 Trends To Look Out For

Artists and designers are taking it up a notch when it comes to 2021 packaging. Companies are looking to stand out, which means innovations and many catchy designs.

Many marketing experts have already identified trends that resonate with consumers. Here are seven of the latest packaging trends to keep an eye on.

1. Solid Colors

Solid colors are a bold choice that seems to pay off. Many brands choose a single hue for the entire package, with white or black accents for contrast. While this doesn’t work for every product, it’s a great way to draw customers’ eyes.

2. Quirky Narratives

Stories draw people in and help them establish a connection. Many companies are taking advantage of this fact with quirky narratives and memorable characters. While this trend is already common on cereal and other foods targeted toward children, it’s becoming more common on “adult” food such as healthy snacks.

3. Symmetry

The elegance of symmetry is a great option for brands that value packaging design as art. Many companies choose patterns to use symmetry to the fullest advantage.

4. Technical Ink Drawings

Another trend that embraces art is technical ink drawings. Reminiscent of Darwin’s sketches or diagrams from an anatomy book, these drawings are clinical, stark, yet intriguing. While not appropriate for every audience, they certainly make a statement on a shelf filled with color.

5. Marbled Art

Pour and drip painting are two abstract art styles that use gravity to create unique work with a distinctly marbled look. Brands that want something bold are sure to love this technique.

6. Geometry

This is a versatile trend, as it can either be used to create simple color blocking or complex patterns. Since there are so many ways to use geometry, it’s sure to be incorporated in many 2021 designs.

7. Vintage

Sometimes you can’t improve on the classics. Some brands are embracing vintage aesthetics to create packaging consumers will want to keep as decor.

It’s time to invest in your products’ 2021 containers. Whether that means adopting eco-friendly packaging or doing a full redesign, thoughtful changes can make a real difference to customers.