Tips To Make a Perfume Collection Which Is Perfect for You


Maintaining a fragrance shelf with necessary perfume bottles is not an easy task. The scent you want to use at the workplace should be different from the scent you want to use at dinner night. There is a wide range of fragrances available at the market, you should choose the right one for the different occasions to make a perfect collection.

You should choose the right perfume for the occasion before you step out of the house. We recommend you choose a zesty, citrusy, and uplifting fragrance blend for a fresh start in the morning. For a night party, you should choose a rich, earthy and sensual fragrance.

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While choosing a perfume for any occasion, you should make sure that it matches your mood and with the surrounding vibes. Making a scent wardrobe is difficult and takes too much time. Instead of depending on your one favorite scent, you should choose various scents which are perfect for different occasions.

You should make a classic collection of perfumes so that you can have the right one for the specific occasion. This guide will help you to build a portfolio of various perfumes which will cater to your moods and demands. The following tips and tricks will help you to make a perfect and classic collection perfume:

1. Trust Your Nose

First of all, you should start believing your nose. You should make a collection of perfume in which you have those scent bottles which you find pleasing and amazing. If you do not find citrus fragrances attractive or oriental perfumes trigger headaches, then you should keep them out from the fragrance wardrobe.

We recommend you consider those fragrances that fall inside the primary category. Also, you should try to add fragrances around the primary category so that you have a wide range of options in your fragrance wardrobe.

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2. Know Right Categories

When it comes to buying the right scent, it is imperative to know the traditional categories. Start by looking at the traditional scent categories so that you can choose the right one. You should choose that category of fragrance which you find attractive from other perfume categories. Always keep in mind that categories that represent the dominant notes can easily be mixed with other notes. The different perfume categories are as follow:

  • Green: The scents fall in this fragrance category create a fresh and verdant aroma. These scents are just like fragrances produce after freshly snipping grass.
  • Citrus: The citrus perfumes contain limes, mandarins, lemons, and oranges.
  • Florals: Floral perfumes are quite common and widely popular. The floral perfumes include an array of flowers. Some flowers are quite sparky and some are fizzy. Some floral perfumes are sparkly and fizzy as well. The floral perfumes must be able to create a burst of floral fragrance when you smell them.
  • Orientals: The scents which fall in the oriental category are spicy and warm. These perfumes also contain notes of myrrh and amber.
  • Chypre: The perfumes which fall in the Chypre category contain fragrances of patchouli and leather. The blend is perfect for men because it creates a masculine fragrance.

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3. Get Acquainted with Science of Smell

Once you know which scent categories are good for you, then you should include the perfumes that fall into that category in your wardrobe. You should do some online research to find all those perfumes which fall in your favorite category.

Make a list of those perfumes and visit a nearby retail store to find your favorite perfumes. Once you have reached the nearest perfume store, you should check the perfumes by spraying them on blotters. You should not immediately smell the perfumes on the bloaters because it may create a negative impact on your smelling ability.

4. Blend Different Perfumes

The art of blending will help you to get unique perfumes that will depict your unique personality. Most fragrances that you want to purchase contain a mixture of different notes. But, if you want to have a unique fragrance, then you should mix different perfumes from your favorite category.

We recommend you mix cipher category perfumes with citrus fragrances.

When it comes to blending different perfumes at home, you do not need to follow any hard and fast rules. You can blend them in any way to get the right perfume that works for you. Once you have obtained the right blend, then store this perfume in your scents wardrobe.

Final Words:

When it comes to creating a unique perfume collection that works for you, the above-mentioned points are really helpful. First of all, find your favorite category of perfumes. After that, you should find the right category of perfume. Now, start making a collection of perfumes that fall in this category.