Easy ways to take care of your juttis after this wedding season

mens juttis

Footwear is the first thing that people subconsciously notice when meeting a person for the first time. If that’s the case, you always need to keep your footwear collection up to date. With that being said, be it, men or women, everyone should have a distinctive collection of footwear designated to every occasion. I usually buy mens juttis online.

mens juttis
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There are certain footwears which are solely for casual purposes, some only can be worn for formal events and some are strictly restricted to festive events. Since the wedding season is currently going on in full swing, wearing festive footwear should be on the top of your list now. 

Festive footwear such as mojaris, Kolhapuri chappals and mens juttis are ideal choices to be worn this wedding season. You can pair men’s juttis with several outfits such as kurtas and pyjamas, sherwani and even dhoti pants. If you are always comfortable wearing closed-toe footwear, men’s juttis are a must-buy this festive season. 

But once the festivities are over, you won’t be wearing this traditional footwear until the next event. So until then, you will have to store them in a safe place where their durability won’t be compromised. If you are keeping your juttis along with your other footwear, you need to know that you are compromising on their durability. Hence, we have come up with some tips to maintain your juttis so that they can be lost for a long time.

  1. Storage: You can’t be storing your juttis with any other shoes because they’re delicate and thus you need to maintain their lustre and texture. You need to buy at least two muslin bags and place your juttis in them individually. Muslin is a light and breathable fabric, so it will ensure your juttis and the embellishments on them won’t get spoiled. 
  1. Apply mustard oil: Have you ever felt discomfort while wearing a brand-new pair of leather footwear? Leather footwear will sting initially, which will only start reducing over time. To avoid this discomfort, it is wise to apply a little mustard oil on the inner lining of the juttis or any other leather shoes so they can become smooth and comfortable for the wearer.
  1. Clean it in the right way: Even if you don’t wear your juttis often, you must indulge in a thorough cleaning process often to avoid the dust and dirt getting trapped between the embellishments, causing the juttis to lose their lustre and charm. You can use a damp cloth to clean your juttis and if that isn’t enough you can even use a toothbrush and a mild soap to clean it thoroughly.
  1. Avoid water: It is not wise to clean your men’s juttis with water because they will cause moisture build up if you don’t dry them properly. Avoid wearing juttis when it’s raining, at such times Kolhapuri chappals for men are an ideal option. Leather juttis are also not a wise choice to wear during monsoon. Juttis for men should only be worn during dry seasons such as summer and winter.

With these maintenance tips for mens juttis, you can ensure your juttis will last for a really long time.