Three Side Effects of Depression on Sex Life


We are living in a stressful time. Anyone who sees him is under stress about something or the other. When stress persists for a long time, then we reach the level of depression. Due to the stress in which all of us are living for more than a year, the cases of depression seem to be increasing rapidly. Depression affects our relationships and especially intimate relationships. The sex life of people suffering from depression is badly affected. Here we are going to talk about three major side effects of depression on sex life.

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 Sex Life

Decreased desire to have sex

Nature has created sex to keep life on the world. Sex is considered one of the basic needs of our body, of course during adulthood. Good sex plays a big role in a good marital relationship. But depression hits hard on our desire for sex. The biggest reason for this is that during depression, there are many chemical changes in the brain. These chemical changes in the brain slow down the activities of the body. Due to which we feel tired and lethargic. It seems that there is no energy left in the body. When the body feels powerless, it will not be able to even think about sex.

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It becomes difficult to reach orgasm during sex

Come on, even if you have somehow prepared yourself for sex, even if you are struggling with depression, then it will be difficult for you to reach orgasm during sex. Depressed women have less interest in sex than men and have difficulty reaching orgasm. Side effects of anti-depression drugs are also responsible in reducing the desire for sex during depression and in removing from orgasm.

Depression lowers your confidence in bed

Depression can badly dominate the sex life of both men and women. About fifty percent of people facing depression have to face sexual dysfunction. Many symptoms of depression like stress, anxiety, guilt and mood swapping together do not allow the brain to think about sex. Most men fighting depression feel a lack of excitement. Men cannot enjoy sex without stimulation. Not only this, this condition reduces their confidence. At the same time, due to lack of mental preparation for sex for a long time, the problem of lack of self-confidence also starts bothering women.