The Changes in Food Industry Due To COVID-19 Pandemic


The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a great disturbance one very single individual’s personal and professional lives whole across the world. In the food market industry particularly, it is predicted that the functionality of food packaging boxes in this pandemic situation will continue to change the extraordinary packaging-consumption in food and beverage markets.

The Latest Global Trend

A number of business players in the food industry have become flooded with orders as most are related to essential segments of the economy such as shelf-stable food, basic meat proteins, as well as frozen foods. In addition to this, many consumers have been stocking up on their basic food, beverages, along with their personal products due to panic of long-term lockdowns, and the uncertain collapse in the supply chain. This scenario has been established in various regions worldwide, making it the latest global trend.

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Changes in Ordered Items

Working assets have been overwrought as a consequence of increased order capacity. Despite the fact that the foodservice zone has been reduced with the lockdowns in whole over the countries, a lot of retail products containing essential quick-cook-and-serve shelf-stable, as well as frozen meals and products have conveyed an extensive order increment.

The number of orders for food items such as flour, yeast, canned meals, and frozen meals for some producers has even getting increased by 100%. As a result, this condition has put stress on suppliers of required food ingredients and packaging, as well as giving great pressure on transportation and distribution services.

Online Food Purchases

Online purchases of food items have increased and will continuously be increasing. With the availability of stay-at-home orders, closings of some retail businesses, and some life-threatening edibles being washed-out from store shelves due to panic buying, thousands of consumers have shifted to online food purchasing.

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Custom printed food packaging boxes in this regard have gained the most popularity as all restaurants have to switch their business operations from dine-in to take away or home delivery services. Moreover, the businesses that have always depend on the customary distribution center supply chain networks have been started to developing their own ‘producer-to-consumer’ networks to make it easier for consumers to purchase their edibles from home.

Up till now, those experts in the healthcare field do not see this coronavirus as a one-time occurrence. In fact, many of them say this virus will occur in waves. Thus, we might have to anticipate to see re-occurrences of this pandemic. Nevertheless, ‘producer-to-consumer’ networks are predicted to likely continue even after the pandemic. With this in mind, in order to survive and win the market, the food manufacturers will have to make clear risk management or mitigation strategies accurately.

Even though a report has mentioned that online food purchases have been swelling for 25% throughout the last three years but, during the pandemic period, it is projected to be increased for more than half of the consumable foods will be purchased online.

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With this still ongoing situation, food manufacturers have realized the need for technology investments to expectcomplete data exchange between key departments and functions, as well as technology application for their packaging solutions. Today, we can see how those manufacturers have been delivering their food items in printed food packaging boxes made of the most hygienic and eco-friendly materials.

Final Thoughts

As the crisis made by the COVID-19 pandemic endures, changes and effects to the food industry will, indeed, occur on a daily basis. Thus, the food industry could anticipate that these changes, especially the online food purchases will continue to develop and grow as we move forward.