The Advantages of Wall Mount Racks


A metal frame chassis is a wall mount network rack with fewer networking equipment in each department. These include switches, servers, patch tables, routers, and other server devices for computers. Note, the wall has its name attached.

The rack is available in two formats, i.e. open and in array styles, which you can choose according to your preference. It is also available in various sizes and has a glass door on the front to display the equipment from afar without periodically opening the rack.

If you are interested in having a rack, you can visit any Wall Mount Network Rack website. We address the benefits of a network wall mount rack in this writing. Opt Wall Mount Racks.

Advantages of a Wall Mount Network Racks (Wall Shelves)

1. Saving on Floor Space

The wall rack is also fixed vertically or horizontally to the wall, allowing repairs and wiring to be easily accessible from the rear or from the front. It is easy to position your devices in one place and to make rooms for other items on the floor if you have limited floor space. It uses other spaces which are usually not used for a complete rack

2. Easy and Quick Installation

Those with domestic companies may opt to set up their own network racks. The racks come with manufacturer instructions and can be installed on any wall you choose and at the appropriate height with a fundamental understanding. The wall mount is flexible and can be mounted at any location. However, it is recommended that a professional be hired because the job is done perfectly and you save time.

3. Secure Equipment Protection

The racks provide a safe place to protect your network equipment. They come with a lock that allows the front and side panels to be locked. They should be fastened with adequate safety equipment.

Notice that securing the appliances minimises damage costs and keeps the room clean. Note that the equipment on the floor is a big risk as cables are easy to access and the network is disconnected. A structured and productive system is built when network security is maintained.

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4. Variety of Options

There are a lot of wall supports to choose from; your preferences and your environment must be understood and understood. The designs and colours are different. In several houses or offices, a variety of white versions can easily be fused with the interior. They are also available in many sizes from 5U to 26U.

5. Low Chance of Overheating

The racks are constructed with top ventilators and an integrated ventilation grid. It enables hot air from devices to pass through it and ensures that air circulates within it, thereby controlling heat. The risks of surge and damage are limited if properly mounted. This allows you to improve the efficiency of your computer hardware safely.

5 benefits of choosing a wall mount rack - Discover the endless  possibilities

Rear Access with Higher Weight Capacity

One of the main benefits of side mounting racks is their higher weight compared with other rear-access wall mount racks. In short, lateral mounting racks are more structurally stable than other designs that normally need articulations.

Rear Airflow

The rear airflow is another benefit of the side mounting racks. The back of the device faces the wall in a traditional rack. Airflow can be limited depending on the distance between the back fans of the equipment and the wall. The rear of the equipment faces one side of a mount rack, thus improving ventilation, improving thermal control and healthier equipment.

How to Choose a Side Mount Rack

Like other wall mount racks, customers need to take the rack units, depths, weight capacity and anchor mountings of their installations into consideration. In addition, NavePoint suggests purchasing a rack for potential expansion using a few additional rack units and a greater weight.

In contrast to the other mounting racks on the market, the NavePoint mounting rack allows cable access and opening for better airflow while retaining a respectable weight. Opt Power Distribution Units.


In efficient and secure retention of network equipment, wall mount network racks play an important role. Compared with putting the hardware on shelf, table or stool, it can be costly, but it minimises all the harm costs.

Long-range mounting racking systems are a great solution for tight rooms, such as areas below stairs (sometimes known as spandrels) or where two facing walls are too close for a conventional wall mounting rack. Even if mounting racks of the vertical wall.