Telegram Group Video Calls: Telegram Introduces Group Video Calling feature!

Telegram Group Video Calls

Popular Telegram has finally introduced the Group Video Call feature. Smartphone, tablet and desktop users can now make google video calls.

Telegram Group Video Calls

Telegram said about the video call a year ago. Introduced feature. Telegram users will get a new feature by updating the app.

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Telegram Group Video Calls

The new move by London-based Telegram App takes Facebook, WhatsApp and Apple’s FaceTime. Not only is the telegram group calling, it has brought about some recent changes.

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Animated Bag Round has also introduced emojis. Telegram Group has allowed audio conversations to be turned into a video call. The camera icon that appears on the display is turned into a group call.

Telegram Group Video Calls

Group call can be pinned. Given the option to open the side panel. So closer to the user is the Telegram App.

Video grid split screen viewing can be done via Telegram App. Also notice who is on the group call.

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The telegram group call is compatible with both portrait and landscape so that the video calling person can make the call without any interruption.

The group has the ability to participate in a group video call with up to 30 people at once. The feature will be enhanced to use more Chinese users in the near future.

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