Take a Bike Rental near me by Producing all the Documents


Getting a bike on rent is helpful when you go to any place. It is best as you need not depend on public transport. At the same time, your time is saved, enabling you to visit more places. It is best if you look for a bike rental near me

In India, the citizens are supposed to produce documents to rent a bike in Chennai or any other city or state.

License:  You must have a two-wheeler valid license to rent a bike. You should submit your license to the bike dealer while you wish to rent a bike. At the same time, without fail keep a copy of the bike license while driving.

Identification: In case you want to keep the original driving license with you during your ride, you are supposed to submit some valid government-issued photo ID. This can be a passport or PAN card. Without the original document, you cannot rent a bike in Chennai.

Bike documents: As you are hiring a bike, ask for the bike documents. This is to stay safe on the road. You can produce the documents if necessary. You are not going to be excused without proper documents, even if you are a tourist.

Pointers to remember

It is tempting to find a bike rental near me but remember the pointers.

  • Test the bike. There is a need to take a bike test by running it for 100-200m. Taking a bike ride as a test gives you a fair idea of the bike condition. Some bikes may be very old and maybe less operated. You may check for the brakes function, rear-view mirrors, and headlights. If you have plans to ride at night, you should ensure the headlight is perfectly functional. It is recommended in a new place to avoid driving on a bike once the sun sets down.
  • Contact information. As you hire a bike on rental, take the dealer’s contact number. This is essential so that you can contact him in case there is any bike issue. Most dealers have a good network that you will be assisted immediately.
  • Check fuel.  The bikes taken on rent are mostly empty. The fuel indicators mostly fail to work. Thus, while looking for a rental bike, check the fuel levels. This is a must so that it does not run out of petrol. Check upon and be aware of the nearest fuel station. This will allow you to fuel your two-wheeler.
  • Helmets. All the riders need to wear helmets to ride a bike. Remember, the daily rent includes the helmets charge. It means you need not shell out extra money for helmets.

The two most important things are while returning. While you give the rental bike as promised, it is the best. Do not delay the bike even for a few minutes. Negotiate your way if the rent covers a full day.

Without fail check for damages or scratches. Also, take pictures of the bike before taking it on rent. It helps while returning the bike. You will not be charged for the damages on the bike.