Sex Education: Things You Should Know About Your Sperm


We all sometimes say that we are the strongest sperm of our father. Yet where is the sperm formed? When does it start to form? Where does it come from? What could be the common problems associated with this? Don’t talk about things like that. Whereas it should be a part of sex education so that boys (who have sperm) and girls also get the right information about it. Otherwise, it happens that all kinds of misunderstandings related to this keep on making rounds of the family dispensary or Hakeem. So whether you are a girl or a boy, read this article, so that you can know about yourself (because you say, I am my father’s strongest sperm) in detail.

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What is sperm?


After reaching puberty i.e. adolescence, all kinds of hormonal changes start coming into the body of both the boy or the girl. Where girls start having periods, breasts start developing and hair starts coming in internal places, while boys see changes like beard-mustache, hair growth around the genitals, change in voice. Around the same time, the body of boys starts producing sperm. Sperm is a substance that is very important for the reproduction of man.

Sperm are made in the testicles of men. For the production of good quality sperm, the temperature should be slightly lower, around 25° C, so the testicles of men are in a sac outside the body. Also read: How Male sex tablets, Male sex pills are the life savours of yours

Just as the beginning of periods in girls means that the body is getting ready for reproduction, similarly the production of sperm also indicates that the body is starting to get ready for reproduction. In the language of science, sperm is called the productive cell or gamete of men. Sperm has two parts, the first is the head (the slightly rounded part containing the nucleus), and the second is the tail (the long part of the tail, called the flagellum). The tail of the sperm is very long, which helps the sperm to swim so that it can reach the ovum of the female.

Are semen and sperm the same or different?


People generally consider both sperm and semen to be the same, but there is a lot of difference between the two. See, even though sperm is required for reproduction, but the sperm of men ie sperm does not come out alone during sex or masturbation, many other types of liquid come out with them. The mixed form of sperm and those other liquid substances is called semen. Male gamete means that if the sperms of men come out of the body alone, then they cannot survive for long, so they come out with them with nutritious liquid substances, it is called semen i.e. semen. Hope you must have understood that sperm ie sperm and semen ie semen are both different. In other words, the sperm moving along the protective circle is called semen.

Since the main function of semen is to protect the sperm, it is full of many nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, potassium, citric acid, etc. Apart from other nutrients, there are also other nutrients. If you google about them, a long list will come in front of you. Also read: What are the Amazing Kiwi Fruit Benefits for Skin

The semen extracted by men through sex or masturbation at a time contains about 15 lakh to 200 million sperm (sperm). Only one of them is fertilized by the female egg, so people usually call themselves the strongest sperm of their father. With age, the quality and quantity of men’s sperm begins to decline. According to science, the best quality sperm are formed during the age of 20 to 30 years.

What is the viscous fluid released during arousal in men?

When men experience arousal, a viscous fluid is released from their penis, which is called pre-ejaculation fluid. Like semen contains sperm, does pre-ejaculation fluid also contain sperm count? This viscous fluid is also called pre-cum. It is usually colorless and does not contain sperm. It is secreted by the corpus gland, an important part of the reproductive system of men. The job of pre-cum is to reduce the acidity of the semen passage so that when the sperm comes out with the semen, it can live longer. Apart from this, it is also helpful in smooth and smooth sexual intercourse.

Although there is no sperm in the pre-cum, sometimes a small amount of sperm also makes space in it. Although this happens in very rare cases, pregnancy is also possible with pre-cum with sperm. After all, a strong sperm is enough for pregnancy.

Pre-cum is secreted automatically during feelings of excitement. It has nothing to do with premature ejaculation. Many people are unnecessarily upset by thinking of pre-cum as early ejaculation i.e. pre-mature ejaculation. There is nothing similar in the name of these two except Pre.