Printing Enthralling Eyelash Box for Featuring your Colored Lashes Range

eyelash boxes

Want your colored false eyelashes to get trending among the lash lovers? Thinking how to display the variety of funky falsies to make them attention-grabbing? Scintillating custom eyelash box with inviting artwork and text details would assist you with effectively promoting the products. Beguiling boxes carrying the offerings would intrigue the shoppers to check them out. Aesthetically pleasing packaging would pique the interest of potential customers in the beauty items. You can use the boxes to your advantage for elucidating on the differentiating features of your exclusive fake lashes collection.

Persuasive packaging will convince the consumers into giving the products a try. You can have the eyelash box online designed and printed creatively to add glam to it. Use the space on packaging for enlightening the buyers about the animal fur, silk or any other material used in the manufacture of items. You can convey the concept of your cosmetics through interactive boxes. Get your packaging customized by a printing professional to ensure it gets you desired results for sales, branding and marketing. Before signing up with a printer, get an insight about the stocks and techniques used in the processes along with the turnaround time and pricing.

If you have a box idea, discuss it with the vendor to tweak and improve it according to your industry and target audience’s inclinations.

Confused about how to have the packaging for colored lashes personalized? Use these tips!

Use a Vibrant and Pictographic Artwork

Boxes for colored fake eyelashes should be catchy and bright. Tell the graphics team to come up with pictorial design options. You can either have the high resolution images of the products on the packaging or illustrations that give a hint about what kind of items are inside. Use cursive or some other stylish font to make the name of the lashes and your brand’s logo pop on the boxes.

Full Color Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

Using cardboard for printing lash boxes would enhance their appeal and strength. Full color printing technique would give ultimate finesse to the packaging making it a delight to see and feel. You can choose from the finishing options like raised ink, UV coating, glossy/matte lamination, embossing and foil stamping. The boxes can be printed in a dandy die-cut style to captivate the customers.

Boxes for Bundled up Deals and Offers

You can sell more by presenting the colored falsies as duo and trio sets or kits with free eyelash curler or mini mascara. Packaging for such deals can be printed with decorative layout or fashion inspired themes. The boxes should be spacious to keep the items safe from getting affected by moisture, shock and heat. Tell your eyelash box manufacturer in USA to show you a sample before ordering the packaging in bulk. You can have the window added in the boxes for improving visibility of the products.

There should be clear and comprehensible instructions on applying the fake lashes along with cautions for avoiding the glue to get into the eyes.

Make your beauty offerings notable through enticing packaging printed by the Legacy Printing. The printer has a knack for offering personalized services to its clients. For queries related to pricing, production time and shipping, contact a sales rep through chat or phone!

The boxes should have your online store’s address to make it easier for the digital shoppers to get their favorite falsies delivered at the doorstep.