Mobile application development: What updates to do?


Did you know that the development of an application never stops, even after its submission to the stores? Creating and uploading an application and then abandoning it are not advisable. We must constantly work to improve it and this in all its aspects. Even if you prepare well before you jump into development, there will always be a thousand and one ways to improve your app. This article will introduce you to only the ones that are the most important and, at the same time, the easiest to apply.

Improvement # 1. New versions of operating systems

Without a doubt, this is the most urgent and necessary improvement for any mobile application. Always keep the source code so that you can update it at any time. The innovations Android and iOS bring from version to version aren’t always huge, but every change, even the smallest, can affect how your app is used. It is also essential to stay abreast of new developments in mobile devices, especially if you are doing Android application development, as there are many smartphones and tablets under this operating system with sizes of very different screens. Regularly analyze your users’ device types in order to adapt the display to them.

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Improvement # 2. Bug fixes

Who has it never happened that an application quits unexpectedly? Even with Sapp or Facebook, nothing is perfect. There is no ideal mobile app, and yours will surely be no exception to this rule. The good news in  Maven Digital mobile app development in Dubai, so it is possible to tweak to fix serious errors   that appear sporadically. It’s a simple change that can do a lot for you. Users will notice this quickly, because by getting rid of the bugs, you will improve the user experience and thereby significantly reduce the risk of your app being abandoned.

Improvement # 3. Follow trends in app design

This is the most complex improvement that we recommend that you only make when making major changes within your application. Design is inseparable from your brand’s image, so be careful not to lose its quintessence when making changes. The world of apps is changing at a breakneck pace, and it is also important to take into account the new styles applied on Android, iOS and other operating systems. History shows that these changes can sometimes disrupt the design of applications. For example, in just a few years after the arrival of flat design, also called flat design, all the applications have been readjusted to become more “flat” and simpler, while putting the older style in use since then. Almost a decade.

Improvement # 4. Improve the efficiency of the application

You can focus on improving your app screen by screen, but it doesn’t always have to be. It is advisable to check its effectiveness and ease of use from time to time. To do this, stop thinking about the details for a moment and only look at the whole project. Ask yourself these questions: Isn’t the registration process too long to despair users? Are there screens that have never been visited or unnecessary buttons?

Improvement # 5. Offer new features

Some companies stay in the market without really innovating, but most of them have to evolve to survive. This is absolutely vital for the digital sector. Mobile applications are part of this world, and you have to know how to adapt them in order to offer new features and services to users, with of course the objective of making your business profitable.

Improvement # 6. Analyze and refine the user experience

Having a wonderful idea for an application and a business plan that will make your competitors green is not enough to ensure the success of your project. There are times when people don’t like your app and drop it right after downloading. If this happens to you, your app’s interaction flow and user experience may not be optimal. The best thing to do in this case is to consult an application development professional who knows why your user is behaving in one way or another and who will help you make your product work better. Often all it takes is a little touch-up to get everything back to normal. Sometimes rethinking the entire design and structure of the app might be necessary if you don’t want your product to be relegated to the bottom of online stores.

Improvement # 7. Simplify or include more content

Sometimes it is difficult to strike a balance between “too much content” and “not enough content”. Check out what your users are saying in the comments. You may find that they get lost in the multitude of information or sections available about your app or, conversely, those they like its content and ask for more. If so, don’t rush. Take a good look at what to include in the next update, as all content should match user needs so that the app does not become obsolete.

Improvement # 8. Analyze user behavior and define a strategy adapted to your application development project

Analysis is an essential part of any application development project, or whatever. There are several tools, often available for free, that allow you to analyze the behavior of users of an application. Identify areas of your product that need improvement, based on data from a large number of users.