Misconceptions and facts about sleep


It has been heard for centuries that “he who sleeps loses”, but now science has disproved this saying and proved that he who sleeps well can gain a lot, that is, a full and calm. Sleep stimulates your mental faculties so much that you can handle all your tasks well. The habit of taking a nap teaches us Islam, the usefulness of which is also known to the people of the West, that is why they are following it.

The more you sleep, the more you get

The American firm Insurance Group Anta pays its employees 300 300 a year for sleep deprivation so that they get enough sleep and their performance is not affected by sleep deprivation. Employees are strictly instructed by the organization to get at least seven hours of sleep daily. Under the scheme, which was introduced in 2009, employees of the company earn 25 25 per month for 20 nights of sleep.

Sleep in the full moon

The romance of moonlit nights has its place, but according to scientific research, when the fourteenth moon shines, it has a negative effect on everyone’s sleep. One study looked at the sleep of 33 volunteers during the full moon and found that people slept longer that night and had a lower sleep quality, even though they were put to sleep in dark rooms. Volunteers involved in the experiment were also found to be deficient in a hormone called melatonin. It took these volunteers more than 5 minutes to land in the valleys of sleep and they slept less than 20 minutes. Researcher Kahu Chen says, “The moon affects human sleep, whether it is looking at the moon or not, or it does not even know at what stage the moon is in shape.”

Misconceptions about sleep

Do you hear about Marie Antoinette syndrome? Misconceptions are always there. abouSleep is such a thing that now its regular science has also come into existence, you may have been introduced to “sleep academy”. Why do we sleep, it is also mentioned in the Qur’an that rest at night means sleep. And the day is made for work. Science researches every aspect of Islam and the Qur’an and after research, it becomes clear that Allah has not made anything useless and there is wisdom in everything He does. Why do we sleep Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, in his new book, Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep & Dreams, answers that sleep restores our immune system. I help balance hormones and reduce high blood pressure, as well as cleanse our brain of toxins due to sleep.

We know more about sleep now than ever before. That is why some of our misconceptions about sleep are disappearing.

Is seven hours of sleep necessary?

According to Professor Matthew Walker and other experts, if you need a cup of coffee when you wake up in the morning, it means that you have not slept well at night (even if you have only slept seven hours). Experts say that if you want to know how much sleep you need, the solution is to fall asleep after waking up and wake up when your eyes open automatically, meaning you don’t need to set an alarm to wake up. ۔ Now this sleep can be up to seven hours and even nine hours. Some tests have shown that people who adapted to short-term sleep were more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation.

Is it about sleep and fatigue?

If you think you are tired from lack of sleep, this is not the case. However, according to Professor Walker, the negative health effects of not getting enough sleep are numerous, including cancer, heart disease, depression and anxiety.

Snoring is not a good thing

If you have a habit of snoring constantly, it can be worrying, for which you should see a doctor immediately as it can lead to complex illnesses. In fact, snoring reduces the flow of air through the body and increases the pressure on the heart, which can increase the chances of heart disease and weight gain. The good news is that snoring is a treatable disease and people who have been bitten by snoring feel better after waking up in the morning.

A week’s sleep on a holiday

No, it’s not like a full week’s wakefulness doesn’t get enough sleep on the weekends.


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