Memory Card Buying Guide for smartphones, Camera and Drone?


Memory Card Buying Guide: No matter what device you use, Cameras, Drone or Smartphones are the main data carriers that serve as memory cards. Despite the differences in the size and variety of memory cards used, it is important that you have full knowledge of what memory card is suitable for the devices you are using. Sometimes a memory card can affect the performance of a smartphone or camera you use. So what’s the right memory card you need to know? Information on how to do this is provided in the article.

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Memory Card Buying Guide
Memory Card Buying Guide

Card Types

The most commonly used card is the SD memory card. Earlier formats, such as the Sony Memory Stick, are embedded in the memory card. It is compatible with SD cards and can be easily used in SD slots with the help of an adapter.

Compact flash cards are useful in professional photography. Data rates are as high as 2GB. Insufficient camera and card holders to keep pace.

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The card price is determined by the size. This is determined by the UHS Speed ​​Class and the Video Speed ​​Class on the card. These have been developed over a long period of time, and some can be determined as marketing properties.

Speed ​​divides the cards into 2,4,6,10. This is considered the lowest speed on the cards. Class 6 cards offer up to 32GB of storage. The standard card speed is Class 10.

The UHS Speed ​​Class is the next class introduced in 2009. These are blended with the first speed class. UHS-1 -10 maintains at least 10 MByte / s. It is marked as standard.

But the interfaces are very slow for 4K and 8K films. Video Speed ​​Classes were introduced. The V10 creates 10 Mbytes / s, which is the same level as the Class 10 and UHS-I.

SDHC and SDXC properties are used with SD and microSD. SDHC will provide 32GB of space while SDXC will provide up to 2TB. It works on all types of devices, such as cell phones, cameras and readers.

Can Micro-SD be used in SD Adapter for a long time?

It has been found that the slower the slower the cards are, the longer they can be used. This can cause performance degradation and error.

Memory Card Buying Guide

Micro SD cards can be used for regular recording and you need to run a micro SD card for more time series recordings and UHD videos.

Detect duplicate size and information

Be careful before buying low-cost large cards. These cards are written in large capacity, but they don’t work as well. If you buy a stick from an EU dealer you can return them within 14 days if they don’t work.

What memory card to buy?

Purchase Class 10, UHS-I and V10 memory cards if data collection is your intention for your mobile phone or personal photos. These are available at low prices and have great potential.

If you need to record in 8K then pay attention to the video speed. Select a V60t or V90 card. If you format your card with FAT32, you can record a maximum of 4 GByte. The format is no better than exFAT. In it you can save data quickly. There are fewer errors in the format.

Memory cards are available in a number of models in the markets. You can also buy memory cards for your regular camera or smartphones. You only need to pay attention to the speed of the memory card if you are recording 4K or 8K.

Testing new memory cards is a great way to use them later. It detects bugs and duplicates. When using cameras memory cards, test them and use them later.

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