Know the best b2b ecommerce software to create the marketplace website


There are hundreds of marketplace website development tools that guarantee the subscriber to create an influential b2b eCommerce software but they don’t clear up on the fact that they lag behind providing the minimalist level of support to the user and charge sky scraping prices. There are platforms like CS Cart which charge the customer support even for the basic inquiry. Such platforms are not capable enough to even cater the custom requirements put up by the subscriber.

There are platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce which don’t let the user create a multi vendor store. Third-party plugins are available in the market for WooCommerce to get this extensibility. But the charges for their upgradation, maintenance, and installation/retention are higher beyond thinking. Moreover, one could incur the compatibility issues and issue of being trapped by the viruses by use of some malicious software. 

Things can be best suited for anyone who wishes to create a marketplace website which is not only entitled as a b2b eCommerce software but can also be b2c, c2c as different stores under the same banner. With Sellacious an entrepreneur who wishes to create their own marketplace website can leverage more than 5000 features in the freemium version and more than that in the premium versions(lifetime and enterprise) to get the best of both the worlds.

Sellacious has to offer more than 9 frontend themes which are completely customizable using the drag-and-drop empowered template editor. Things get scaled up when one goes for the lifetime version. They can get the access to all the premium themes provided by Joomla. All an initiator has to do is download the quickstart package from the official website and host it on the Sellacious provided hosting to get the best performance. Next, they need to login via their Joomla account and upload products. 

A store can be configured within 15 minutes and free setup/configuration setup are provided to all the prime subscribers. Any customer either a freebie who is trying their hands off on the software or the regular market players who have gone for the premium version can reach out to the core team of Sellacious to get the doubts clear and get the marketplace website working as soon as possible.

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There are more than 65 payment methods available for the store owners to activate for their end customers to leverage and do the hassle free payments. Translations widget could be provided by the admin to the shopaholics so that they could read and understand the data on the website. Various currencies can be accepted by the seller via the Sellacious provided solutions. All such extensions could help the sellers make global presence.

With the Sellacious provided schematic model for digital marketing and reaching out to the far off audience, a store owner can literally get profits from various channels. Omnichannel, PWA compliant application is the need of the hour. The platform could help the store owner operate their marketplace on various social media platforms without any redundant development of the user interface. Single interface and backend functionality will work on all the social media handles. 

The store owner/administrator can automate the backend functionality to calculate the Tax, shipment charges, packaging charges(if required), coupon and discount implication, order status notification, return and exchange management, inventory and stock exhaustion management, and much more.

A store owner with freemium subscription can actually earn profit in real time and when they tend to increase their sales, they can scale up with the platform version to lifetime or enterprise. In the lifetime, users get the permission to upload upto 200K+ products and also the provision to host the resources on the AWS environment. Moreover, support will be provided to let the user perform CLI based execution for the peeps with technical background, access to install advance level taxation module, discount, coupon, , enhanced security protocols, and shipment. In addition to that a free 12 hour configuration session. Also, the store owner could integrate Power BI and Tableau for data-visualization and analysis. The marketplace could be scaled up to 60 million listings and 5 million products.

100% support is guaranteed to all the users across the globe irrespective of the time-zone. The team is working 24×7 to help the user to achieve what they had dreamt of.