Know How Effective the Prone Position is in Increasing Oxygen


At this time, India is facing a huge kill in the Corona epidemic. This storm is so big that it has completely ruined our health system. At present, more than 3 lakh cases are coming in the country every day. The death rate is also increasing. Most of the patients are losing their lives due to oxygen and medicines. The scarcity of oxygen throughout the country is not hidden from anyone. Many modern methods are being adopted to keep oxygen levels right, but an ancient method is also being talked about vigorously, that is prone position.

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What is Prone Position?

What is Prone Position?: In the prone position that is said to increase oxygen, following some technique, lying on the stomach. This causes the cells of the lungs to open and the amount of oxygen increases. In the world of medical science, prone positions have been used for years.

Prone Position Uses

The infection spreads to the lungs of patients severely affected by the corona virus. This infection is so high that the patient begins to have difficulty in breathing, that is, there is a decrease in the exchange of oxygen between the parts of the body. To meet the lack of oxygen, the patient needs a separate oxygen, which is being seen in our country. In such a situation, prone position is being resorted to to give relief to the patient for some time.

Prone Position Sleep

To do this, first take four or five pillows. Now lie down on your stomach and place a pillow under the neck, under two hips and under the feet. It should not touch the belly mat. If the stomach is slightly larger then three pillows under the hip can also be used. If you are adopting this position for a corona patient, then please consult a doctor and if possible, get them under your supervision. Because how long one has to stay in this position and change less, only an expert can decide. Apart from this, if the patient has more difficulty in breathing, then do not just rely on the prone, arrange oxygen bed as soon as possible. Also Read: Buy Pulse Oximeter: Know Pulse Rate, SpO2 and Heart Rate

Who can’t do Prone Position?

Do not try this position at all if you are a heart patient, have any problem in the spine, have foot surgery and have any kind of discomfort in the neck.

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