iPhone 13 Series cameras will rock, these 3 new features will make your photo video absolutely stunning


iPhone 13 Series Camera: Apple is about to launch its iPhone 13 series next month. As the launch time is approaching, the upcoming Apple iPhone New information related to the models is coming out. Now the new information that has come out is related to the camera, it has been learned that in the new iPhone models, customers will get to see 3 major and new updates in the camera and video recording. It is believed that these new upgrades will be major compared to the previous Apple iPhone models. Bloomberg has hinted at new features.

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iPhone 13 The series can be launched with a new Portrait Mode feature that will have the ability to record videos in a high-quality format called ProRes. With the new video recording feature, users will be able to capture videos in high-quality formats that will give editors more control in post-production.

It will follow the ProRAW feature that was introduced last year so that professionals can have more control over photos. Similarly, the ProRes video recording feature is available this year only for the iPhone 13 Pro model. The ProRes feature in the upcoming iPhone models will record in either HD or 4K resolution.

The second feature is the extension of Portrait Mode in photos which was introduced in videos with the iPhone 7 Plus. There is speculation that the upcoming Apple iPhone 13 Series Will help users to create a cinematic video experience. With the help of this feature, users will be able to create depth effects and change the level of a blur after recording the video.

Apart from this, new filters can also be found to enhance the look and colors of the photo. third feature iPhone 13 Camera Which can be part of which will be able to control the colors in the pictures better.

Users will be able to choose from several styles to apply to their photos, such as keeping the colors neutral while keeping the whites at warmer or cooler temperatures. This feature will add a dramatic look with deep shadows and more contrast.

Notably, this feature will be different than other standard filters in the iPhone Camera app and will help apply changes to people and objects in the photo using AI.

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