Important Facts to Know About Phishing Attacks

phishing attacks

What are phishing attacks: Like any other cyber-attack, phishing attack is also conducted by motivated individuals who want to surpass all the security policies implemented by a particular firm, or even an industry for that matter.

In current times, it is important for every business entity to have knowledge about all the probable possibilities when it comes to network breaches. Every technological advancement in the global market entails a variety of loopholes that are to be treated under professional supervision. Obviously, these loopholes are not present under default programme or technology, but they can be triggered if the company who is incorporating the technology isn’t well aware about mitigating them.

When it comes to the role of consultancy organisations in this particular image, we can see how effectively compliance consultancy in London has stood out in catering every service-seeking organisation.

One of the main concerns while discussing about compliance on a global scale, is the general data protection regulation because complying with this law meant that an organisation is protective towards all the personal data that it has been processing for various internal activities. Even if the United Kingdom has witnessed and infamous fine for not complying with GDPR, there are still some consulting firms that are protecting their clients from getting exposed to such situations.

But the consultants would themselves feel helpless if the company that they are helping isn’t aware about the variety and cruciality of getting exposed to cyber threat.

Therefore, to better understand the nature and the very definition of a cyber-attack, we have to understand each one of them very closely. To start with it, let us understand the most famous one of them, i.e., phishing attacks.


Every network breach is dangerous for business entities in the global market, but the most dangerous of them is always the one that is more frequent than all others.  

 As far as phishing attacks are concerned, in 2019, 22% of all the data breaches that were registered involved phishing. The impact of phishing attempts was detected when remember report suggesting that 74% of American organisations witnessed a successful phishing attempt within their structure.

These figures go on to show that even the most capable professionals around the world are not being able to identify a network breach of this sort.

However, we cannot put all blame on consulting firms because the organisations are also liable to have a steady plan that is backed by conclusive efforts.


With every successful cyber-attack, cyber criminals gain unshakable confidence to carry out one more attempt. This is where the impact of these attacks groove from the very grass-root level.

In 2016, phishing dethroned malware as the most dangerous and unsafe website around the world. This figure is an imperative one because at the time there were twice as many malware sites then there were phishing sites. And now, the number of phishing websites is 75 times more then there are malware sites in the global market.


In the current market scenario, every industry is focused on achieving the epitome of quality services in all the sections of the organisational structure. The same goes with ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 consultancy services in UK are always the best examples because The English economic market comprises of some of the best candidates that are operating at a global level.

Among them, assured GRC always stands out to be the most lucrative consulting organisation because they focus on all the facts including the prevalence of phishing attempts and their frequency.

They take note of these figures regularly and optimise their services accordingly.

Performing continuous audits is an important step for every consulting firm because it ensures the efficacy of their strategies in a time of need. ISO 27001 gap analysis is equally important especially when we are discussing about cyber-attacks.

Assured GRC makes sure that all their services are preliminarily tested so that their clients get the best every time. This helps them in keeping all the concerns of their clients at bay.


Even though a business entity can successfully hire the most suitable consultant they can lay their hands on, it would still not suffice because the biggest gap will still be unfulfilled, that is self-preparation.

According to an article published in 2021, among the top five data that are being compromised with every successful phishing attempt are, credentials, personal data, internal data, medical data, and financial data.

This means, neglecting cyber-attack attempts can be harmful to both organisation and its employees and customers as well. Not to mention, it ruins the overall reputation of a business entity and also the credibility it folds at a global level.

In a nutshell, preparing your organisation for 27001 cyber consultants and other needs is important so that you understand what exactly is needed by the professionals.