Ideas for Adventurous Corporate Gaming Events

Corporate gaming Events

Corporate events are usually all about fancy settings, well-suited attendees, and perfect format. Even if there are gaming events, they are usually limited to outdoor games like golf, baseball, soccer, tennis, or another similar game. In recent times, virtual gaming events are also becoming popular among the corporates, but there is another genre that needs to be explored, and that is adventure games.

Adventurous games not only give an adrenaline rush but also provide better opportunities for team interaction, bonding, communication, and leadership among the teams. So, if you are planning to organize a gaming event for your corporate teams, adventurous games are the best option to provide a healthy break.

Explore this article in detail to get your hands on ideas for adventurous corporate gaming events and create unforgettable memories with your corporate teams.

Top 7 Adventures to Include in Your Corporate Gaming Event

Games are an absolutely essential part of life, and a life without a few games now and then would be nothing less than boring. Games are specifically important for the office workers who are trapped in the same environment on routine and need a healthy break from work to re-energize themselves. There is no better way of getting refreshed than playing a few adventurous games.

Here are the top adventures you should include in your corporate gaming event to give an adrenaline rush to your teams.

1. Corporate Games Survivors

One of the adventurous games you can include in your corporate gaming event is the corporate game survivor. This game is inspired by the television series named survivors. The players in this game are given a number of survival challenges, and they can only win if they survive through all. It requires proper preparation, and some desert or beach are the perfect settings for this game. Corporate organizations often hire event companies in Dubai to organize a perfect adventurous gaming event for their teams.

2. Game of Crowns

Games of Thrones has been one of the most popular television series at the international level. The fans of the series have a great obsession with it, which is evident from the new popular adventurous game named game of crowns. It follows a format similar to the show. The players have to indulge in quests and unfold the challenges to stay triumphant.

3.QUEST for the Grail

QUEST for the grail is another television series inspired by the adventurous game. The modern generation and viewers like to relate to their favorite shows at an advanced level. This is the major reason behind an increasing number of adventurous games associated with shows. These games surely create team bonding, collaboration, and strategic planning opportunities, which prove handy in professional life too.

4. No Ropes

No ropes are a unique adventurous game you can easily include in your corporate gaming event. No ropes are actually the game in which ropes are required very much, but the attendees and players have to survive through the game without the help of a rope. It is fun, entertaining as well adventurous at the same time, and the little mishaps during such games can give rise to uncontrollable laughter.

5. The Insider MOLE

The insider MOLE is another quite fun, adventurous game you can include in your corporate gaming event. As the name of the game suggests, it is focused on finding the mole among the players. The players are provided with mysteries, challenges, and hints to find the mole. This game surely boosts strategic planning skills, which are critical in the corporate atmosphere.

6. Team Minutes-to-Win-It

Another unique and adventurous game that you can easily incorporate in your corporate gaming event is the team minutes to win it. This particular game is the collection of related and unrelated multiple mini-challenges that the player has to win in order to survive and reach the next stage of the game. Include this in your event to keep the atmosphere lighter and engaging.

7. Shipwrecked

Shipwrecked is another adventurous game inspired by the television series of the same name. This game also follows the format of solving multiple challenges and obstacles to find the location of the shipwreck. If you are interested in playing the game, include it in your corporate gaming event. You can also hire the service of event companies in Dubai to take care of all the arrangements, including destination or venue management, traveling, refreshment, as well as setting obstacles for games and event photography.

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Pick the games you like and plan the event!

You must have liked a few games mentioned above, even if not all. So, pick those games and create a poll among your teams to finalize other games and organize an adventurous gaming event. Contact the professionals now to take care of all the planning and organization essentials so your teams can sit back and enjoy the games without having to worry about anything else than the game itself.