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Tracking apps are installed in the targeted phone and support in monitoring real-time information of the targeted user. There is a variety of spying applications in the market, which facilitates the users differently. To pick the one out of multiple apps, it’s a pretty daunting task.

There are two major groups, which use the spying app widely. One is parents/guardians, and the others are businesses. Parents used surveillance systems to keep a record of their children’s activities outside of the home. Similarly, employers use tracking apps to ensure that their targeted worker is not involved in idle activities.

To show you a clear path to choosing the right app, we will help you make this decision. No one can spend money again & again on different apps and become a fool. This article will enable you to get the desired Android tracking app with no wastage of money, time, and energy.

How to choose the perfect Android GPS Tracker?

To avoid complex and high technical spying apps. you need to consider the below-discussed points before purchasing any tracker.

Reputable Company App

The background of any company matters a lot. When you go to buy a product, be sure to check their reviews and ratings to gauge the previous user experience.

If you find the rating more than 4.5 and 70% positive reviews, you can confidently go with that app.

User-Friendly Operations

Whenever the user wants to view a live location, a single click enables them to monitor time.

Similarly, when the user needs previous data of any duration, the app immediately provides it.

Multiple Tracking Options

Most of the apps have a single location tracking tool that provides the only current location. What if any app facilitates you with location history or remote smart installation without root?

There are only a few of the apps which offer multiple advanced GPD tracking tools. Prefer them to perform surveillance activity in different ways by keeping your user side safe from the targeted person.

Operating System Compatible

Suppose a person buys from a company that only provides apps for till android 10th version. After using the app for six months or a year, your targeted person replaces the phone with the 11th version.

Then you will go for buying another plan? Don’t you want to invest only one time to get the advantage in the long run? D little research and choose the app that timely upgrades its plans.

TheOneSpy Android GPS Tracker

TOS is the perfect location tracking solution for those whose targeted device has an Android Operating system. Let us look at the below aspects to know why TOS is the best phone tracker app.

GPS Location Tracking Features

TheOneSpy serves with four advanced location tracking tools.

  • Real-time Location Tracking Feature
  • Location History Provider
  • Without GPS tracking
  • Tracking with SMS

Plans and Pricing

These days TOS is offering a high discount on its all plans and packages. Avail of the offers and enjoy your time.

TheOneSpy simple plans contain only the first two location tracking tools.

  • TOS monthly simple edition cost is $25/month.
  • TOS quarterly simple edition cost is $15/month.
  • TOS yearly simple edition cost is $6.25/month.

Otherhand, TOS premium plans include all four GPS tracking tools.

  • TOS monthly premium edition cost is $50/month.
  • TOS quarterly premium edition cost is $31.66/month.
  • TOS yearly premium edition cost is $12.5/month.

Money-Back Guarantee

Do you want to replace or return it, TOS gives 14 days of relaxation to return/refund the app.


TOS android app comes in multiple versions, like from 5.0 to 11th version. Else that if the user uses Samsung, Motorola, HTC, or any other brand’s devices. He/she can still enjoy this powerful spying app.

24/7 Free Hep desk Service and Technical Support

It’s the only spying app that offers free help desk service to all visitors. Besides, it has a special technical team that resolves all technical issues of the users.


Sometimes kids/workers go somewhere without informing their parents or boss. In some cases, it becomes a worry for parents and employers, and they wanted to know their exact location on time. Only advanced monitoring apps’ location tracking tools can help in this situation.

TheOneSpy is the top-rated Android tracker app that performs GPS spying operations in 100% sneaking mode. To get a detailed insight into your kid’s/ workers’ activities, enjoy the TOS discounted plans.

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