How to Spot the Best Ceiling Fans for Your House?


A ceiling fan is the most common household appliance, and you will see every home with ceiling fans. You might have heard many times that ceiling fans in the room save money and energy. The ceiling fans’ chilling effects aim to increase the temperature on your air conditioner by at least 5 degrees without compromising on the comfort level.

You will notice at least a 10% reduction in the monthly utility bills. You have to consider different features and aspects before buying a ceiling fan for your house. From types of fans to speed settings, noise issues and pricing, you have to check multiple things to make a wise decision. Besides, comparing Crompton, USHA, Havells and Sujata ceiling fan price in India would help you grab the affordable deals in ceiling fans.  

Which Types of Ceiling Fan is Best – AC or DC?

Ceiling fans usually come with two different types of motors, AC and DC Motors. The popular models available today come with AC motors, and it is cheaper than the DC motor but limited in speed settings.

Ceiling fans with DC Motors is not very common today, but it delivers higher efficiency and significantly lowers operation costs. Moreover, the speed settings in DC fans are more and allow you to control air movement efficiently with its seven settings, whereas AC fans come with limited three-speed settings. 

How Much to Pay for Ceiling Fans?

The modern ceiling fans come with different designs, speed settings and features, thereby the price of the ceiling fans varies depending upon the models and functions. The advanced and feature-rich ceiling fans usually range from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 3000, depending upon the ceiling fan brand, model, functions and features included in it. 

Remember, the price of the fan is not always the indicator of the quality. With a proper comparison of USHA, Sujata, Havells and Crompton fans price list online, you can easily find cheaper and affordable deals and save money on your next purchase.  

Factors to Consider When Buying Ceiling Fans!

  • Design : Ceiling fans can dominate the living space, and hence depending upon the decor and theme of your house, the design of the ceiling fans must be selected. Some brands design stylish and designer ceiling fans to enhance the room’s look and decor. You may opt for retro style ceiling fans that look amazing than bulky design fans or choose the traditional three blades design fans. 
  • Ceiling Height : The minimum height of the ceiling must be 2.1m or 2.5m depending upon the model of ceiling fan you intend to buy. If the ceiling is quite higher, then ensure to use an extension rod for the ceiling fan to hang it at the optimal height for maximum airflow. 
  • Blades : Another important factor to consider when buying ceiling fans is the blade and its materials. Most of the ceiling fans come with stainless steel material, plastic or aluminium. For better efficiency and airflow, you must choose the ceiling fan with plastic or aluminium blades that ensure the better cooling ability. Stainless steel material is best, but it heavier, and hence the airflow may get compromised. 
  • Controls and Settings : Ceiling fans come with three control options, wall switch, pull cord and remote control. Depending upon your need and budget, you have to choose the best control option in ceiling fans. The traditional control option is the wall switch, but the advanced and modern fans have a remote controller, and it lets you control the speed and operate the fan from your bed without having to control it manually. 
  • Motor : The important factor to consider is the motor, as it is the heart of the ceiling fan. There is copper and aluminium motor, and the best ceiling fans usually come with copper motor for longevity and better performance. The aluminium motors are not very powerful and may wear out during electricity fluctuation. So, choose the ceiling fans with copper motor for better efficiency and durability of the fan.   

These were some of the factors that you have to keep in mind when choosing ceiling fans for your house. You must always compare the prices online before buying it to grab economical deals. 

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