How to Share Location in Whatsapp in Easy Steps


WhatsApp is one of the most used social media applications available in multiple languages. Every android or iPhone users know about Whatsapp and the app is revolution messaging platforms, stealing the hearts of billions of people with its awesome features. WhatsApp has increased its usage and growth a lot more within recent years of its launch. Some of the best features include Share Location features. This features which have come nearly a year before, lets’ user to share their Share Location in any time and anywhere. Lets us now full details of how to share location in Whatsapp in easy steps:

Here is a few easy steps you can follow to share live location in Whatsapp with someone on WhatsApp using Android.

  • Steps 1: Download WhatsApp on your device [Android | iOS]
  • Steps 2: Got to phone settings and enable location permissions for WhatsApp
  • Steps 3: Now open Whtasapp app on phone
  • Steps 4: Open an individual person or group chat, you want to send location
  • Steps 5: Now tap on Attach and then tap on Location
  • Steps 6: After that tap on Share live location
  • Steps 7: Select the live location time lenght you’d like to share your live location. Your live location will stop being Steps 8: Shared after the selected amount of time.
  • Steps 9: Optionally, you can add a comment or any text message with location.
  • Steps 10: Now tap on send button

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