How to Make Hand Sanitizer During the Corona Virus Outbreak: 3 Easy Recipes


How to Make Hand Sanitizer During the Corona Virus Outbreak : Using a hand sanitizer for cleaning your hands and getting rid of germs and bacteria is the best way to keep yourself safe and hygienic. There are different types of hand sanitizers available in the market and each one of them have their own ability to kill viruses. 

In this pandemic, keeping yourself healthy is one of the most important acts to do. Washing or cleaning your hands several times a day decreases the chances of getting sick. As hands are the most delicate and crucial part of our body, keeping their proper care is a must. 

How to Make Hand Sanitizer

Nowadays, due to this deadly virus and flu the use of hand sanitizers have been immensely increased and sometimes you cannot find it at the store. So in this situation you can make your own sanitizer by using some of the few products. 

It is easy to prepare sanitizer at home. Let’s check out 3 easy recipes to make your own homemade sanitizer.

Making it includes the same process you just have to decrease or increase the quantity of the ingredients:

1. Making 63 percent alcohol based hand sanitizer

  • 2/3 part of 70% rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol
  • 1/3 part of aloe vera gel
  • 6 to 7 drops of essential oil

This will give you an appropriate hand sanitizer.

2. Making 63.7 percent alcohol based hand sanitizer

  • Take 7 parts of 91% isopropyl alcohol
  • Add 3 parts of aloe vera gel to it
  • A few drops of essential oil

It makes an effective hand sanitizer.

3. Making 69 percent alcohol based hand sanitizer

  • 7 parts of 99% isopropyl alcohol 
  • 3 parts of aloevera gel
  • A few drops of essential oil

It will give you the best homemade sanitizer.

How to Make Hand Sanitizer

Adding essential oil is optional as it is for a good smell. If you don’t like the smell of alcohol then the scent of oil will help you get rid of its smell. 

The recipes are mentioned above and now you need to mix all the ingredients properly. Take a clean bowl and a spoon, add all the ingredients and give them a nice mix. Then take a clean bottle that is airtight and fill your sanitizer in the bottle using a funnel. Your sanitizer is ready to use. You can use it whenever and wherever necessary.     

The making of homemade sanitizer should be done by a person who has expertise and knowledge about the ingredients used in making it. 

The ingredients are less but using it in the right quantity is the most important thing. Make the sanitizer with clean hands and on a clean table. Do not touch any ingredient with your hands or else your sanitizer will be not as effective and it will get wasted. 

The Need of Using Aloe Vera Gel and Essential Oil:

When the sanitizer contains a high percentage of alcohol then they have the ability to kill more microbes present on your hands. But it can also make your hands dry, therefore to protect your hands from dryness you need to add aloe vera gel or some drops of essential oil so that your hands remain moisturised and soft. Pure aloe vera gel is the best ingredient that keeps your skin hydrated and soft. The oil will provide scent to your sanitizer and also work as an moisturiser. 

How to Make Hand Sanitizer

Using Hand Sanitizer to Fight Against Corona Virus:

Keeping your hands clean is the most important safety measure to fight against this deadly coronavirus. It is advised by doctors and researchers to wash your hands many times in a day because you touch your face infinite times in a day so keep them neat and clean. Washing your hands with soap and water properly for at least 30 seconds can kill all the germs and bacteria on your hands, but it is not possible to wash your hands every time.

 Sometimes you may not get water or soap to clean your hands, but don’t worry in this situation you can clean your hands with sanitizers. 

Doctors advise to wash your hands several times a day to fight against corona outbreak and as a substitute for soap and water you can also use sanitizer to clean your hands. They are easy to use and take less time as compared to soap to get your hands cleaned. There are many plus points of a sanitizer.

  • Firstly it can be taken anywhere with you and used anytime. Just keep a small bottle of sanitizer in your bag and use it whenever necessary. 
  • It takes less time to clean your hands and you do not need to wipe your hands after using it.
  • When running water and soap is not available then you can use sanitizer. 
  • If you are visiting a general store or supermarket just clean your hands and then touch anything there. 
  • Wash your hands properly after sneezing or coughing and always cover your face while sneezing or coughing.   

Storing Hand Sanitizer:

Store hand sanitizers at a cool and safe place. Use it before it gets expired as the expired one becomes less effective. Keep it out of reach of children as they may swallow it and it can be harmful for them.

 If you are keeping your homemade hand sanitizer dispenser in a bottle then don’t forget to label it. Write on the bottle or stick a hand sanitizer note on it so that anyone does not get confused and use it. Keep it away from fire as it is a flammable product. 

Due to the high percentage of alcohol it can be harmful for infants and kids therefore it is advised to keep it away from them. Non-alcohol based hand sanitizers are good for children and they can use it without any hesitation.  

Wrap Up:

The most important thing is to keep yourself safe and hygienic. If you are at home then always use soap and water to clean your hands. Keep your surroundings and environment clean and tidy to destroy all the germs and bacteria. Keep your loved and dear ones safe by teaching them hygiene and safety habits.